Retreat and Grow Rich – Virtual

Entrepreneur on a mission…

How would you like to make more money in a weekend then most business owners make in an entire year? All while staying 100% in alignment with who you are at your core, and making a big, big impact?

Perhaps it’s time to Retreat and Grow Rich™

Does this sound like you?

You are scrambling to offer 1-on-1 strategy sessions to fill your private programs, and you’re tired of running into price resistance, especially because you know that you should be charging more!

Or perhaps you are so busy delivering your services 1-to-1 that you don’t even have time to market, and you’ve capped out your earning potential. It’s fine for now, but you can’t live like this forever.

Maybe you’ve got a business that’s working – you’re selling information and people are buying it – but you’re ready to take your impact to the next level. You want to give your clients lasting transformation.

Whatever the scenario, one thing is for certain.

  • You long to be in a place where your business, your revenue, and your impact in the world feels like it’s something YOU get choose rather than something you are at the mercy of.
  • You want to feel deeply connected to your business, to your clients, and your impact on the planet.
  • You want to spend MORE of your time OUT FROM BEHIND THE LAPTOP, and doing the work you truly love.
  • You want to leverage your time and energy so that you actually have that freedom you set out for when you went into business in the first place… how about a mid-afternoon hike? Weekends to read, write, and ponder?
  • That European vacation – one with the family and another one just for you?

Entrepreneur, this life truly is possible.

I’m not saying all is roses – it’s simple but necessarily easy to make the change to have all that you truly desire. But if you are willing to own what makes you 100% unique, and offer it to the right clients, in an elegant retreat-based solution, freedom is just a few choices away!

You CAN make more money in one weekend than most entrepreneurs make in an entire year.

Welcome to Retreat and Grow Rich™


Create a STREAMLINED, SUSTAINABLE, MULTIPLE SIX-FIGURE BUSINESS that is beautifully designed representation of YOU!

This can be done through one strategy of hosting small retreats (also known as workshops, masterminds, intensives, immersions, etc.) Whatever you name it, it’s an intimate multi-day gathering, live and in person, where you dive deep into your topic, and deliver more progress with clients in one weekend than your colleagues make in a year.

I know you’re committed to that level of excellence in your work, right?

And you’re not meant to be spending your life hidden away behind your laptop, struggling to make the money you’ve promised yourself you would make, and using marketing strategies that somehow just don’t feel right deep down in your soul.

And I get it because I’ve been there!

I struggled to find my first clients. I spent countless hours thinking through how many clients I’d need and what I would need to charge to make the money I wanted (and I didn’t want much!). I attended local networking events and met people who were happy to join me for coffee but didn’t seem interested in actually investing in change. Then I’d spend weeks and weeks pouring myself into copy for online marketing tactics, and… crickets. Does this sound familiar?

I hired a mentor who was amazingly helpful at teaching me universal principles I still use today. But my mentor didn’t know what was in my heart to do. I was like many other entrepreneurs, I was told, “just sell something… it doesn’t matter what, just make sales.” And I did sell, because I’m a good student, but something was still missing. I was constantly caught up in finding people to sell to, but my business felt like it had no power.

I was frustrated, lonely, and most importantly, I knew I wasn’t meant to be spending my life this way. After all, I had a vision of being a change-maker. Of leading rooms of people to transform their lives and businesses.

I made a decision to host my first retreat. I took all I’d learned from attending events and from my own training experiences and I just went for it. I had 16 people in the room, in 2 ½ days I went from having $1200/ month in questionable income to having $36,000 of committed revenue on the books, and my life changed forever.

I’ve since hosted more than 30 retreats and brought in nearly $3 million in revenue using this strategy. But the most important thing I must share is that the clients I’ve served over the years have created permanent, lasting change in their lives and businesses… and THAT makes me excited to get out of bed each morning and do what I do. And that has made all the difference!

What if you could make money, have an impact, have people love their decision to work with you, and leave them wanting more?

That is the power of a live retreat.

Imagine yourself…

  • Building a simple multiple-six-figure retreat based business, working when, where, and how you want with clients you absolutely love
  • Commanding a premium for your high-level work and converting committed clients without countless strategy sessions
  • Use your ‘soft skills’ to create big money… what if your ‘good energy,’ intuition, creativity, skill at connecting, and your ability to put the pieces together could add up to big value for the right clients?
  • Knowing exactly how to create EXPERIENCES that transform retreat attendees in a way that they never go back
  • Knowing exactly what to market when to keep your programs full and your cash flow solid
  • Traveling the world to all the places you’ve been meaning to go, as a covered business expense!

“Where the desire is present the way to fulfill it is also present.”

With the Retreat and Grow Rich™ business-building model, we come from a belief that your true desires are your guide to the life and business structure that works best for you… AND for your clients!

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The 4 Main Benefits of the Retreat and Grow Rich approach™ to business are:


  • Work 1-to-many versus 1-to-1, and make more money with the same amount of time and information
  • Market and become known for one thing, creating a consistent flow of right clients, while eliminating the ‘marketing spin’ that’s so common among entrepreneurs
  • Become a thought-leader in your industry because you have freed up time to study, grow, and develop cutting-edge material


  • Create a price insensitive market and eliminate 90% of sales objections.
  • Create deep connection and high trust and credibility in your room such that people know you are “their person”
  • Raise your rates to be consistent with your true value an desires – now, not someday. No more saying “no” to opportunities that are in front of you now
  • Earn $30,000, $50,000, $100,000 or more in just 2 ½ days, time and time again with this approach, and the breakthroughs available in Retreat and Grow Rich Essentials LIVE


  • Your retreat process will pre-screen clients so that you can work with the most committed right match clients and eliminate the clients who aren’t hungry for results
  • Make a lasting impact! Your clients will make more change in a shorter period of time than you can imagine through connection, visibility, and transformational experience. Retreats will instantly increase your client’s results and the value you deliver.
  • With my “Level 6” approach to retreat leadership, you will literally be seen as a leader who knows exactly how to create magic every time


  • Deliver great work while traveling the world and being paid for it
  • Design a business that lets you be yourself and trust your value
  • Learn while you earn! Test your ideas in live rooms of clients with immediate feedback. Hone your marketing message without struggling behind your laptop.
  • Incorporate more of what you love into your work! If you love something, your ideal clients are likely to really value it too, EVEN if it seems like it’s not really ‘work.’
  • Unleash the REAL you in front of the room, and love who you are while you’re doing it!

In this 8-week program you will learn:

  • How to develop a custom retreat strategy that will speak to the hearts of your ideal clients and light you up to deliver
  • What you need to know BEFORE you host your first retreat so that you can start making money before you spend it!
  • How to fill your retreats, even if you’re just getting started or have a small list
  • How to decide what to cover in your Signature Retreat, and what to save for your high-level clients
  • The exact flow and structure for a transformational retreat that makes a lasting impact and a profit
  • How to turn your knowledge and expertise into an impactful EXPERIENCE for your participants rather than an information exchange
  • How to price your retreat, and to understand the cash flow involved in your big picture retreat strategy
  • How to use the power of your retreat to attract new clients – even ones who weren’t there!

Your program starts when you register!
You’ll also learn:

The 3 Intentions that make or break your retreat

Materials, supplies, and support needed

How to get over the fear that they won’t come

How to decide if your idea is amazing

How to choose a venue

How to get to clarity about your programs

How to move a conversation forward in a group

How much content is too much

How to use retreats to build a community

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6 payments
of $675

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Pay in full—$3497
(Save $553!)

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What’s Included in this 8 Week Step By Step Program:

Eight weeks of weekly content-rich training including 7 step-by-step classes to design your retreat based business ($4000 Value)

A bonus 8th week with your “Logistics Leg Up” toolkit!

Access to a new module weekly so with specific exercises, templates, and assignments between calls (~ an hour a week of ‘home work’ to follow along).

LIFETIME Access to the program so you can go back and rework for each future retreat!

We’ll have you schedule your first retreat right away so you’re ready for massive cash flow quickly (with just the right amount of time to fill it!)

Here’s an overview of our content:

Week 1:

Your Clarity Point™ and Envisioning Your Retreat-Driven Business

  • Learn the big picture about how retreats can help to simplify your business model, laser in on your ideal high-ticket offerings, and generally make your life easier while making more money.
  • Develop your personal “Big Ass Vision” for your business and your life so you can make the right strategic decisions about your retreat based business model.
  • Differentiate your brand of retreat from any other possible solution someone could choose by understanding your Clarity Point™. Distinguish what you, uniquely, know to be true. (This will transform your entire business).

Week 2:

Your Captivation Factor™ and How To Motivate Your Audience

  • Each person is unique, and there is a way in which you Captivate a crowd, whether you know it or not. Here we explore the 10 core principles that make up your personal Captivation Factor™, with specific assignments to test how captivating you are and determine your top 3 growth areas.
  • Know how to motivate your audience in a way that gets them to want what you’re offering. This will help you fill the retreat, and have people want to spend money with you after the retreat – all by being YOU.
  • Understand the three hidden factors that can make or break a retreat, or any other sale. (The people who have mastered this generally DON’T teach it.)

Week 3:

Your  ‘Research’ Clients and Choosing Your Program Angle

  • The top way to fill a retreat is to deeply understand your ideal client and design the retreat to get them what they most want. (As a veteran market researcher and product developer, I can tell you that this is exactly what big companies do to develop their products). Yet most entrepreneurs make at least 3 major mistakes when it comes to developing offerings that sell, that they also align to, and we’ll cover these.
  • Know how to bring in the right clients quickly, and how to discern which of your clients are the right ones for you, and for your retreats.
  • Develop the marketing angle and core benefits for your life-changing, business-simplifying, high ticket program that you love!

Week 4:

Retreat Plan 1 – The Outcome, Experience, and Your 3 Intentions

  • Let’s plan your signature retreat! We’ll start with the three core intentions you hold for your first retreat, which will shape everything.
  • Develop the retreat experience such that it is more than just a class, but a transformation for attendees.
  • Discern how the outcome your clients will get and talk about from your retreat will create traction for future retreats.

Week 5:

Retreat Plan 2 – Your Content Flow and Next Step Program Offer

  • Once we’ve developed the overall view for your retreat, we’ll dive into content. Learn the typical flow for a profitable retreat – how long is it, what happens each day, and how to invite people to a next step with you while staying authentic.
  • Develop the right program offer for you to provide a container of support for your people after your retreat.
  • Make key decisions about your content – how much content, in what order.
  • Understand what will really make a difference for attendees, and how to have them buy in to the flow.

Week 6:

Marketing and Filling Your Retreat

  • If you build it they will come, right? Yes, and no. You MUST have a strategy for filling your room. We’ll cover that here.
  • Understand what has people say yes to attending a retreat.
  • Learn my strategy for building a core audience for your retreat.
  • How to communicate the tangible benefits, while leaving room for divine inspiration!

Week 7:

Expanding Your Retreat Reach By Looping in Your Fans and List

  • Not everyone in your tribe will attend your retreat – in fact you don’t have space for all of them! But the credibility created by you hosting your retreat will get attention outside of the room. Learn to capitalize on this.
  • Bring in ideal clients who have been watching you for some time, waiting for the right time to work with you.
  • Learn to create traction for your next retreat.

But That’s Not All—

This is more than $5000 in bonuses:

Week 8:

Your Logistics Bonus Modules get released – insider secrets to save you thousands and thousands of dollars!


6 Months in RAGR Transformation Nation -Get Me as Your Personal Coach!

Join Darla for 6 Full Months of support as you implement in Retreat and Grow Rich Transformation Nation! This program is designed to catapult your own breakthroughs in your business, while guiding you to LEAD your client’s transformation as well. This program includes:

  • One (1) Monthly LIVE Laser Coaching Call with Darla by phone
  • Two (2) Monthly LIVE Facebook Office Hours with Darla in our Exclusive Transformation Nation Facebook community… get your questions answered on the spot!

This support has saved members thousands of dollars in hotel fees, helped get their retreat positioning nailed, or break through a sales barrier and more. ($3000 Value)


Your Logistics Leg Up Toolkit!

This bonus alone can save you many times over the time and money you’ll invest in the program. You’ll learn…

  1. Venue selection and contract negotiation: Behind the scenes tools of the trade on what to negotiate to save thousands of dollars on your first retreat! You’ll get actual contract samples from our retreats, and learn typical negotiation patterns.
  1. On Site Logistics: Learn what to plan and know for your onsite Logistics, including sample room layouts and floorplans.

With this info-packed bonus, you’ll know exactly what to look for and won’t have to start from scratch ($2000+ value)

What’s the investment, Darla?

The value of this program with all the bonuses is more than $9000. To do this work with me privately in a VIP Day is $15,000+. The work of this program, going deep and mining your gold, and making it marketable, can easily make you $30,000; $50,000; or $100,000 in a weekend. Right now and and for the rest of your life.

Your investment for Retreat and Grow Rich is just $3497. 

6 payments
of $675

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Pay in full—$3497
(Save $553!)

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Here’s what our clients have to say:

lisa-braithwaite-croppedI feel absolutely ready to host my first retreat…

I’ve been thinking of hosting an event for some time, but didn’t know where to begin!

Since taking the Retreat and Grow Rich™ virtual course, I’ve completed my retreat layout and structure, defined what will make my offering different (my Clarity Point™), and am feeling absolutely ready to host my first retreat!

Because I’m clear on the transformation I’ll create, I already have 16 people signed up on the advance notice list, and I just signed my first hotel contract.

New business model…here I come!

—Lisa Braithwaite

Speak to Engage

Martine MetaxasI now have a complete game plan for my retreat…

I’m committed to hosting luxury experiential retreats on my Greek island and I wanted to learn a proven method and system without having to reinvent the wheel. With Darla’s success with retreats, my intuition told me she was the one to show me how.

After completing the Retreat and Grow Rich™ virtual course, I now have a complete game plan for the structure, logistics, and content for my retreat, not to mention a whole new range of retreat ideas that I can implement over the next year.

With a little tweaking and fine-tuning, I’ll have a “rinse and repeat” business model. This alone is huge as it will free up my time to actually market the retreats on a consistent basis!

—Martine Metaxas

An Empowered Life

Kelly RobbinsI joined the Retreat and Grow Rich™ Virtual Course because I was preparing for my first big 2 ½ day retreat. I didn’t know how to layout the content, how to plan the event itself, or sell it.

Darla’s program is so easy to understand and teaches in such a matter-of-fact way that I was easily able to lay out my content and determine my pricing, as well as prepare logistically for the event.

So far, thanks to Darla and her Retreat and Grow Rich program, I’ve created over $20,000 in sales at my retreats! And as nervous as I was planning it out, thanks to the training, leading retreats is actually easy and enjoyable and I now have several more planned!

—Kelly Robbins

Kelly Robbins Coaching

Chris Kenney$300,000 in new business…

I worked with Darla privately to develop my new business from scratch. I knew from my prior work that I loved leading rooms. Darla helped me get clear on what my new business and brand are about, and we developed my Signature Retreat, Radical Moves. I came in with low confidence in my ability to make this work because I’d never done anything like this on my own before. From my first retreat I signed one very high-level client. My second retreat grossed $156K. In just 4 months from the start of my work with Darla I signed almost $300,000 in new business – all without a website. It’s the confidence that comes from the process she walks you through to get clear that makes all the difference!

—Chris Kenney

Chris Kenney Coaching

kate-gerryHigh level clients without working so hard…

I took this course because I saw what Darla gave away for free and I knew she wouldn’t hold back, and I was right. This course helped me to understand not just how to host a retreat, but how the whole retreat approach could work to transform my business. I was working too hard doing (and marketing) all kinds of work that wasn’t in my genius. Once I learned the Retreat and Grow Rich approach I was able to focus my marketing in one clear direction. In working with Darla (I did go on to hire her as my coach), I let go of the work that was no longer serving me and developed my way of working with my clients. I launched my Unleash Your Dreams retreat which has become a consistent source of high-level clients for me, doing what I love and not working so hard! No more 4 a.m. alarm clocks to get one more thing done. The month of my first retreat I made more money than I had made in the entire prior year!

—Kate Gerry

How do you know if a retreat strategy is right for you?

  • You love attending or hosting retreats, or have often visualized yourself leading an intimate room.
  • You are someone who naturally has ‘good energy,’ or tends to be the ‘safe space’ for people to talk to.
  • You are creative, intuitive, or empathetic, and at some level you know that you ‘move energy’ in a room.
  • You have semi-customized knowledge to share. In other words, you don’t have a ‘one size fits all’ approach, yet there are pieces of information you have that all of your clients need and you want to save time by not repeating yourself. In a small group you’re able to teach to several people at once, and still personalize the information to the individual as needed.
  • You can no longer grow your business in the current way because you are tapped out on personal time and you’re looking for the next step.
  • You want a simple, streamlined business model which involves meeting in groups as a cornerstone of the value you deliver.
  • You believe experiences make more of an impact than information.
  • You are willing to be decisive, get clear, take a stand, and own your point of view. To lead a room effectively requires this quality.
  • You visualize yourself as the leader of a community or tribe or movement (even if that thought is scary to you).
  • You’ve got crazy ideas that just may work!
  • You are willing to be visible! When you build it, you can’t hide out!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m just starting out and not clear on my brand yet?

As long as you are clear about the difference you want to make in people’s lives (and your own!) we can work with that. The first module will help you to recognize the clarity you do have, and the value you’ve got to give. A powerful brand develops over time through being in action, and a retreat can be a great way to crystallize the vision.

What if I don’t have a product/program to sell right now?

That’s OK. I will encourage you to have a handful of clients (I’ll give you some guidelines about how to structure that) to help you craft your retreats, but you do not need a ‘signature system’ or an online program or anything like that to create your first retreat. In fact, as we develop your retreat, your programs will become clearer as well.

What if I’ve never spoken on a stage before?

No problem! While some people will use speaking engagements to fill their events, it isn’t necessary. And the great thing about hosting your own retreat is that it is MUCH easier because you already know that the attendees have come to see you. This is different than speaking to a broad audience of people with different agendas, and is a great place to practice your skills! (And in the program I’ll share my top tips for leading the room as well!)

What if I don’t have an email list yet?

Great! In some ways this will actually be a strength for you. Many entrepreneurs use their list as a crutch and hide behind list building rather than making money. I filled my first programs and retreats by connecting with live people and inviting them, and you can too! And, we’ll build your list in the process.

I can’t make the classes live, is that OK?

All of the course work will be recorded and available in our members-only area for you to access at any time. I do suggest you make it work to be on the monthly LIVE Laser Coaching Q&A Calls so you’re able to get your questions answered by me directly. Those calls will also be recorded.

Will this course solve all of my problems in my business?

No. 🙂 I am committed to give you everything I can over the course of this program so you can build a solid business. You’ll still have to do the work to market and fill your retreats, and that means you can’t be afraid to put yourself out there and ask people to work with you. OK, most people are still afraid in the beginning, but you have to do it anyway.

I find that a retreat gives someone a central focal point for their business which can be a guidepost for their marketing activity, and the process of creating it brings a new level of clarity that can really change the course of a business. And, you’ll still need to build systems, get support, up your confidence, and all of the other things that go along with running a business. But if you can master this, you’ll at least have more money with which to do those things!

IMAGINE turning your ‘little business’ or your ‘too busy business’ into a real, sustainable business in just one weekend!


You CAN simplify your work AND make a bigger impact, 3 days at a time!


You CAN have more fun making a difference than you ever thought possible because you’re doing what you love, and being 100% you.

I remember the first time I hosted a retreat after I’d moved through my fear and started to own it. It was so freaking easy I could hardly believe I was getting paid. And that experience persists today. I love it, people get value, it’s easy and fun, and I see the difference it makes. To be clear, it was about my 4th retreat before it became easy! But even my first retreat made great money.

You don’t have to have it perfect, know it all, or be amazing to get started (though I bet you are pretty darn amazing).

You just need the right financial and transformational strategies, and the courage to go for it.

— join me for —


6 payments
of $675

Register Now

Pay in full—$3497
(Save $553!)

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My 100% Money Back Guarantee

I’m so committed to giving you access to this material so you can decide whether the Retreat and Grow Rich™ approach is for you, I’m offering a 100% money back guarantee.  Complete the first 2 classes of the Retreat and Grow Rich™ program, and if you find it’s not for you, simply request a refund in writing (within 14 days of registering) and we will refund 100% of your investment, no questions asked.

Class 1 Starts Monday, “See” you there!


Questions? Email and we’ll get back with you right away.