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The Retreat and Grow Rich Starter Kit is a FREE 5-step mini-course that will walk you through the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY (and HOW) of a lucrative and life-changing retreat-based business so you can move your vision forward NOW, not someday!

I love being a retreat leader! There is so much to love! However, in working with hundreds of clients to design their transformational retreats, I know it is not for everyone!

In step one we explore WHO it is for. You’ll discover:

  • The top 12 natural gifts of retreat leaders who bring deep transformation to their clients, and are literally born to make great money from their “soft skills”!
  • The top 12 reasons NOT to host retreats. Yes, before we go any further, I will try to talk you out of moving forward! If you explore this resource and are still a YES, the rest of this kit will be fun for you!

So many coaches, consultants, creatives, and healers get the call to lead retreats, and that is all they know. They have a general sense of the transformation they’d like to provide, and perhaps they got a ‘hit’ to take people to Bali or Italy, but that’s where it ends.

Enter your Retreat Leader Archetype!

In step two of your Starter Kit you will:

  • Take the Retreat Leader Archetype Quiz!
  • Discover which of the six Archetypes is most aligned with your unique personality and approach to transformation
  • Learn your superpowers and pitfalls as a leader, which will likely save you time and energy in focusing in the wrong areas for you, and help you know what your retreat should be about
  • Discover how much content and structure is right for your retreat, and what you don’t need
  • Know the key to having your right clients want to work with you at the highest level without hesitation!

Even the most seasoned retreat leaders can grapple with this question – what is the right timing for my next retreat? Schedule too soon and you’ll be scrambling to fill the seats. Wait too long and you may lose momentum, or even procrastinate until it becomes too late!

In step three of your starter kit you will:

  • Use a simple flow chart to discern the best timing for your signature RICH Retreat
  • Discover the general thought process behind how to fill a retreat
  • Learn whether you should focus on building an audience first, or filling your retreat as a way to build your audience, or some combination
  • Tune in to the pacing that feels right for you given your resources, skills, and internal sense of urgency
  • Know which actions to take in what timing to fill your retreat

Ahhh, for the fun part! Endlessly scrolling websites, reviewing pretty pictures and imagining the photo you’ll take of your feet by the pool, or your clients atop that scenic overview!

Exploring where to host your retreat can be the best part of this gig. It can also be the biggest time suck that prevents you from actually receiving money for that retreat!

In this step you will:

  • Simplify the process of choosing your retreat location, quickly narrowing your search while holding the energy of your vision
  • Understand why the perfect location matters less than you think (even though I know you still want the perfect location and it is totally doable)
  • Discover the three different types of retreats, where they fit in your business model, and how that influences your choice of location
  • Choose the three most important factors to you that are ‘must haves’ in your venue selection process
  • Learn the 5 Site Vibes and discover whether you are a Class & Ease type of brand, or if Maximum Intimacy is the priority for you.

You may be like many of the leaders I have worked with over the years who know that they want to make a difference through bringing retreats into their work, but they aren’t quite sure if they want to be RICH!

In this step I will make a case for the RICH Retreat Leader life. , first, what being RICH means to me, and second why I want to see you not only live a richly fulfilling life using your natural gifts, but why I want you to receive loads of money in the process.

In this step you will:

  • Learn what being RICH means to me (it’s not what you think)
  • Discover how embracing the Retreat and Grow Rich approach can support you in living a richly fulfilling life using your natural gifts, or ‘soft skills’ with pride
  • Learn why I want you to receive loads of money in the process, and how retreat leaders can dismantle the patriarchy we inherited
  • Get my $240K Napkin Plan for your retreat-based business and learn how to price your most potent work
  • Discover the one thing you can bring to your retreat that is both rare and valuable that will have you embrace receiving the money you truly desire

In each step I give you another piece of the HOW. And of course, I’ll also let you know HOW you can work with me and my team to custom design the retreat-based business of your dreams!



This 5-Part Starter Kit is yours free (along with a special discount on a breakthrough session) because we LOVE YOUR WORK, and we want to see it be real in the world in this new way.



Let’s send more money, and influence, to people like you.

And together…

…let’s normalize transformation on the planet, one intimate retreat at the time!

Get the Retreat and Grow Rich Starter Kit completely free!

Darla LeDoux is a business coach, retreat leader, ‘recovering engineer,’ and founder of Aligned Entrepreneurs. Since 2009, she’s helped thousands of entrepreneurs around the world discover the power of intimate retreats to transform their clients’ lives and build thriving businesses based on freedom, intuition and connection.

Darla envisions a world in which regularly scheduled transformational experiences are the norm, not the exception. Her first book, Retreat and Grow Rich, was published in 2017.   


“When I started my business, I knew that I wanted to include retreats in my programs because of the transformation it provided my clients. The only thing was, I thought that I had to ‘go big or go home’… i.e. rent out an expensive retreat center in some tropical location, drop a ton of money on a deposit a year in advance and then just pray that people actually purchase. The fear and stress were so big that nothing ever happened.  

Then I met Darla. What I loved about her approach is that she helped me see how effective it would be to keep it simple and just start. I’ve now hosted five retreats in the same space and three across the country.  

Darla made the process fun, inviting, and easy. She showed me how to structure my retreats to create long lasting transformation for my clients while helping me bring my best self into the process. I’ve had 71 people take my retreat programs for $535K in revenue!”

Laura Wieck

Get the Retreat and Grow Rich Starter Kit completely free!

(Note, this kit is the perfect compliment to the Retreat and Grow Rich book, which you can grab here)