This week’s theme in my life and my client’s lives seems to be this:  Action leads to feedback.

Sometimes we can’t know the absolute right answer for something.  Of course I believe there is no actual “right” answer, but sometimes we can’t see even see the best answer for us.

Sometimes it is simply not possible to think our way out of a situation or to try it on mentally before we step into it.

We can only analyze something from our current viewpoint.  When we step into something, we also step into a new vantage point.  We can not possibly know what the new situation will feel like by viewing it from where we are.  At best, we can try to predict how we may feel in a new scenario, after the action.  This prediction is always based on how things have gone in the past, and therefore is automatically irrelevant.  You will never again be the person you were in the past, so the experience will always be new.

I know firsthand that it is very easy to spend days, weeks, even months trying to figure out whether to make a change or step into something new, continuing to process the same tired thoughts hoping for a new insight.  Sometimes the new insight can only come from taking action.

What happens when we get paralyzed?  When we think our action is irreversible and we get scared?

Remember, nothing is permanent.  If the decision is irreversible, then where you were is not where you are meant to be.  On the flipside, if where you were is where you were meant to be, following your inner knowing, your spirit, will bring you back there… without the inner turmoil of doubt and wonder that you are currently experiencing.  It is a ‘win-win’ and you simply can’t go wrong.

What are you continuing to analyze for fear of taking irreversible action?  Is today the day to act?  Feedback and growth, here we come!

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