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In this episode of the “Retreat and Grow Rich” podcast, I sit down with Jenny Fenig, coach to spiritual women on a mission and the creator of the Get Gutsy movement.


Jenny’s mission is simple – to help you touch more lives with your message and cash in on your calling.

You have got to believe it, before you even see it. You’ve got to have this rock-solid belief in yourself and this thing that’s coming through you, this urge to create…”

In this episode, we chat about:

  • How meditation, tuning in and trusting the voice inside can help you learn how you are called to serve
  • Why your retreat should always be part of a larger strategy
  • A unique way to transform your retreats
  • How to plan your events using “marketing cycles”
  • Why continually nourishing yourself “retreat-style” is critical to clearing mental space for inspiration
  • Creating “staying power” by focusing on the right things and realizing what’s really required for sustainability
  • The importance of blocking out time in your retreat schedule for reflection and relaxation

We also dive into two powerful retreat strategies that have helped Jenny foster energy and a powerful sense of intimacy with participants.

Jenny has designed a tool to help spiritual entrepreneurs work less and make more by getting clear on what they’re here to do, who they’re here to help, and how to design their business, brand, and profitable offers to help more and have more (without working 24/7 like a maniac with no life).

You can grab Jenny’s Reclaim Your Time template with tips on how to consciously create your time here →, and learn more about Jenny and the Get Gutsy movement at

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