layersI’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs now around the world and what I see time and again is that once they break through to the other side and experience some success, they consistently look back and recognize that the signals for this thing they were meant to do were there all along.

They’d always been drawn to this work in some way, and when all finally clicks into place for that crystal clarity about what they uniquely have to offer, it’s hard to believe they didn’t see it before.

But they’ve got blind spots and they often don’t believe their own stories in their head. Especially when it comes to seeing how amazing they are!

But we’re always receiving signals. Whether it is through a song that comes on the radio just as you’re thinking a thought of someone, or seeing the same word multiple times in a short period of time. (My word this week is “Lemuria.”)

In the beginning we don’t notice them at all. We’re moving so fast through life that we aren’t noticing much of anything. It takes a BIG signal to make us pay attention. I experienced things like back pain, car accidents, and then losing someone to cancer.

But as you increase your consciousness (a necessary step for an aligned business) you’ll start to notice repeat thoughts and ideas that show up, and get reflected back to you through the conversations you have, the people you encounter, and even the posts you happen to notice on Facebook. I now see images or words, numbers or dates, or overhear conversations and notice songs.

For example, let’s say you’ve been feeling that something is off in your business. You really want to start talking about a bold idea in your marketing but you’re nervous. All of a sudden you start to notice in the conversations you have that people are actually looking for that bold idea you’ve been thinking about. They may say it directly or you have a clear sense of it as you read between the lines. It’s a go!

As my clients start to get themselves into alignment, they often find themselves moving into a new environment. One client, a former professional artist, saw a place featured online and in the staging photos, she saw one of her own pieces of artwork on the wall! That was the one!

Another client envisioned her dream home. In her ideal world her place would include a separate artist’s studio. As she began viewing properties online in the top city she was considering, the very first property she viewed had a separate artist’s studio! Looking in the right place!

Whether it’s a sense to drive a different way to work and you avoid an accident, or an urge to connect with someone who ends up being your next great hire, the signs are there if you believe them.

Most of us rational humans want to explain away the sign, even though we’ve seen it or somehow just know it. What will people think? How will we explain our decisions?!

I let that stop me for years. I moved to Denver, CO because I started seeing mountain images everywhere I looked. But I sure didn’t tell many people that was why! I’m fortunate now to be about to marry someone who truly gets that sometimes I make decisions that don’t make logical sense.

What might you need to change in your life to be more open to follow the signs that are guiding you?

By the way, this weekend I’ll celebrate my marriage to my true love and partner in life and business, Kimmi Ward.  Talk about believing the signs!  If I wouldn’t have been open to seeing myself and my life from a different perspective, and allowed myself to open up to the possibilities, as uncomfortable as they might have been at first, I’d never have gotten to this amazing place.  Thank goodness I believed the signs!

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