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Bring Play to Your Next Act After 50!



Important question for introverted women over 50 who work hard and know they make a difference, yet still don’t jump out of bed every morning shouting, “I LOVE MY LIFE!”:

If there was a way to make mid-life and beyond the most joyful, vital and juicy time of your life, without years of waiting, trial and error, overwhelm, and crippling self-doubt . . .

Would you finally feel confident enough to trash the “Find Your Purpose after 50” books and make falling in love with your life again your #1 priority?

You are deep, my introvert sister. You keep your planning and scenario-running inside. You keep your doubts and second-guessing there too. And so the years go by.

The good news is, at mid-life, you are wise. You already know what makes your heart light up. When you have clarity and confidence, you move quickly.

FREE to PLAY!™ LIVE is your heart’s opportunity to come out from behind the veil, declare her intentions, and confidently step into playing the game of her life.


Janet Kodish is a seriously successful introvert who re-discovered play after 50. Now she helps women with secret dreams play their inspired game of life. Because life is

Learn to Lead From Your Feminine



Raise your hand if you are a strong, powerful, woman leader that knows how to take care of business!

Ooh girl I feel ya! It’s definitely the era of the badass, boss babe and women leaders are rockin it like never before in these glory days of the hustle and grind!

Whether in the corporate arena, or at the helm of your own business, are you the one that people rely on to get things done, the go to person?

Have you worked your butt off for every step of your success; because failure for YOU is never an option.

Are you driven by a passion and desire to help others, and go above and beyond expectations, often putting others before your own needs?

AND is there also another voice, inside, where you secretly want to receive as much as you give! Do you often feel tired, burned out and frustrated, feeling the burden of having to do it all?

As women professionals we often feel lonely and isolated as we play the game of success. The good news is that you’re not alone in your feelings….but as a leader it may feel awkward to reach out for help. I got you!

Imagine if you could still have massive success, and feel supported and cared for. LeadHERship Revolution, is there to provide a unique approach to support self development though transformational coaching, retreats and community support in a safe environment where you can be seen and supported in a sacred environment.

LEARN MOREWendy Lee, believes so deeply in the power of transformational coaching, that she left her very successful corporate gig to revolutionize how professional women redefine their outward success without sacrificing their hearts desire.

Unlearning For Cutting Edge Leaders



Unlearn your way to freedom.

To live an inspired life, you have to unlearn the shit that has you holding back, fitting in or feeling like your head is more useful than your heart.   

This is a call to seekers of adventure, truth, freedom and healing that find themselves playing as entrepreneurs, consultants, executives and creatives. You’re here to innovate, to find solutions to the incredible challenges we find this world in, and to create massive impact that leaves a legacy long after you’re gone. Innovation comes from the inside out and it’s time for you to discover a whole new set of gears that has you breaking through to the next level of YOU. 

Your personal evolution is what creates more success in your life – not working harder or sacrificing who you are. It’s about you bringing your head AND heart to your game and trusting that you are enough.

Rebel Sage Retreats are adventures in consciousness designed to create new levels of awareness that have you unlearning old patterns, remembering what matters most to you, unveiling the mysteries of life with other like-minded pioneers, and creating new realities because that’s how innovators roll.


Lisa Welden is passionately committed to human evolution and guiding people back to themselves, and is proud to say that over the past 20 years, no one has gotten lost and ALL have found parts of themselves they are no longer willing to live without.

Evolve Your Brand!



We are living in different times now and things are changing. We are all being asked to bring our highest gifts forward in different ways than we ever have before and that often won’t fit into an existing formula.

Branding this kind of visionary work requires an entirely different and innovative approach. It requires deep inner alignment and internal shifts to carry it forward effectively.

That’s why I’ve created the Evolvative™ Branding Intensive VIP Retreat just for you. Join me in this bespoke luxury experience designed specifically to bring forth the highest form of your sacred work that your soul is calling to create. It’s time for you to be fully seen as the soul-aligned leader and innovator you are!

“Evolvative™ Brand Studio turns visionary entrepreneurs and creative businesses into high-impact, high-vibe brands using soul-aligned strategy and intuitive brand design. Align your brand with your big vision and unique vibrational signature so you can more easily magnetize the people you are deeply called to serve.


Veronica Wirth is a visionary brand specialist, intuitive, award-winning designer and creative maverick. She’s developed the Soulful Brand™ and Evolvative™ Branding methods, helping other visionaries keep their brands ahead of the curve and deeply aligned with their soul’s purpose. 

Lead World-Class Retreats!



Add Retreats to your service-based business!

Are you a coach, consultant, creative, or healer who has been called to lead transformational retreats?

Do you dream of leading experiences that shift your clients at their core and open up whole new worlds of possibility, for them and for you?

Are you nervous to make this leap because it might not be profitable, it feels like a lot of work, and you secretly wonder if you’ll be as good at it as you imagine?

You’re not alone! Retreat and Grow Rich provides the practical and energetic tools and community to support your vision as a powerful and profitable retreat leader!

This 3-day retreat is bundled with loads of recorded tools and resources for tomorrow’s transformational leader. Earn multiple six to seven figures through the work that matters most.


Darla LeDoux is the Queen of Transformational Retreats. She helps her clients spread their unique pixie dust and get paid to do it!