What if overtly adding transformation to your offerings could be the most powerful and profitable thing you’ve done for your business yet?

Read on...

Greetings to my high achieving entrepreneurial sister,

You’re committed to excellence, and your integrity and alignment are foundational to the way you work. You know you’ve been called to lead in new ways. You’ve been given a vision of leading transformational experiences, and you know can’t ignore that vision. 

And it feels… really… exciting…

Especially because, truth be told, you’ve been a little bit bored with business as status quo.

You’re proud of all that you’ve built, and you love the clients you’ve served. Now you’re ready to advance your work, go deeper with your clients, and bring in some new tools for transformation.

You pride yourself on trusting your intuition and you’re ready to step it up!

Until the doubt creeps in…

•  Will clients really pay for this new type of work?

•  How do I talk about my services in this new way as I add in retreats?

•  Do I have enough experience and tools in my toolkit to be able to lead in the way I envision?

•  Am I crazy to imagine that taking people on retreat will really deliver life-changing value, or am I actually doing more cutting edge work than I realize?


If that sounds familiar, it’s possible you’ve been thinking about the work of retreats, and deeper transformation, for some time, waiting for your moment to make your move.

Or perhaps you’ve been doing the mindset work with your clients free of charge, sneaking it in on top of your regular services, or even offering retreats without making money for this most valuable work.

Holding back, offering what you think people want, and otherwise undervaluing the work that YOU KNOW makes the biggest difference (it did for you) is simply not working for you anymore.

Well, I’ve got great news for you…


The decision to add transformation into your business model is both POWERFUL and PROFITABLE.

Especially in the form of small live and virtual retreats.

Read on to learn how!)

Adding transformational retreats to the way you do business

changes everything.


  • Offer the services you really want to the people who truly want to be a part of your mission and create lasting change in their life.

  • Create a rhythm and flow in your business by adding retreats and working with groups. Go beyond constantly seeking new 1-on-1 clients and into a type of momentum that truly honors your pace.


  • Offer comprehensive programs at a much higher investment level than others in your field because people are fully on board with the way you work and they recognize that you are the only one doing it in this way.


  • Grow your own power, leadership and consciousness with every retreat you lead, allowing Spirit to work through you, in divine partnership, in new and unexpected ways.


If you’re ready to answer the call and use retreats to amplify what matters most and make beautiful money with your deepest work, I invite you to


business coach, transformational retreat leader, and author of the best selling book and host of the podcast Retreat and Grow RICH, and ‘recovering engineer.’

I was led into business for myself after my own life was transformed on retreat. It was a 14-day coach training through my corporate job that opened me up to the world of shifting beliefs and raising my vibration. Once I became aware that there was so much more to me than I’d realized, I was hooked. I wanted everyone to know.

I began daydreaming about leaving my job and leading retreats. Each time I’d share my vision with someone they would give me that look (you know the one), often followed by a, “How are you going to make money at that?”

Even after I eventually left my job and started my coaching business, the idea of retreats still felt like a scary leap, and many of my entrepreneurial colleagues were eager to dissuade me.

It was only after I finally went for it, having more fun than ever, and making more money in a weekend than I’d expected to make in a whole year, that I understood the power and accuracy of my vision.

Adding retreats transformed my business

from constantly looking for the next new client, and wondering what my income would be next month, to having consistent revenue booked well in advance.

Not only that, but I quickly discovered that:

1)  I had a lot to learn.

2)  Retreats were the perfect way to grow myself, learning and earning my way to new leadership.


It’s been nearly ten years since that first retreat changed my life (and profoundly impacted the sixteen brave souls who retreated with me).

And in the time since I started, more and more people are waking up to the power of retreats to transform lives, AND be a viable and lucrative career path as well!


And that is my mission.

I long to see more money in the hands of RICH entrepreneurs (Right-brained, Intuitive, Connected, and Heart-centered). I want people whose natural gifts are in this arena of ‘soft skills’ to KNOW that they don’t have to sacrifice financial security to do their most aligned work.

I visualize a world of non-judgement, grace, ease, joy and massive acceptance. Where each human feels empowered to choose a new path of higher alignment at any time.

Let’s normalize transformation on the planet together, one intimate retreat at a time.

If you’re called to lead retreats as an integral part of your business model, and the work of retreats is not a hobby, but a calling, Retreat and Grow RICH is for you. If you are ready to change paradigms about what we value as a society, starting with how you value your deepest work, you will find yourself right at home here!

Darla’s groundbreaking book led the way . . .

“In a world that is increasingly divided, we need leaders that can guide us to living our highest integrity and potential. That requires living our truth and modeling transformation like never before. Darla does this and and leads others to do the same, making it impossible to be around her without experiencing a profound change in yourself. Use this book as your guide to be the change in your own retreats.”

David Neagle, Master Income Acceleration Mentor and Author of The Millions Within 

. . . Making Transformation Practical, and Leading Retreats, Profitable!

Imagine yourself…

  • Working with clients who are 100% all in on their transformation (no more pouring your energy into people who are committed to staying the same)
  • Feeling 100% confident in the magic of your work as a transformational retreat leader, and effortlessly weaving your offerings around this core life-changing work.
  • Owning the way YOU most like to do business – in flow and creating space for spirit to guide your work for the greatest and highest good. (No more comparing yourself to the highly masculine approach to business and judging yourself harshly for not being structured enough).
  • Receiving more money for less time by offering targeted transformational experiences.
  • Using all of the tools and ideas that have worked for you in becoming awesome to serve your clients in a way you feel great about.
  • Creating highly innovative experiences and programs that are on the cutting edge of what’s being offered and spoken about in your industry, and delivering them without experiencing PRESSURE to BE AMAZING, because you understand how transformation works and how to dance with it.




  • You are uniquely positioned to offer the types of retreats that change lives, where your audience leaves LOOKING DIFFERENT than they began because they’ve embodied a whole new energy and possibility.
  • You have the innate skill set and the divine calling to do things differently, shaking up the status quo and offering your clients a chance to see, feel, hear, and honor their core truth.
  • Yet in working with hundreds of private clients, and thousands in groups and retreats over the last nearly ten years, the Truth is, there is more to this transition than meets the eye.

MANY highly qualified and skilled leaders get the call to show up in this way but shy away. Because working in this way requires a new level of leadership, intimacy, and power than most people are currently bringing to their business. There is a new WAY OF BEING that wants to be born with you, along with your new retreat.

You’ll move faster with fewer missteps along the way with expert support as you pivot.


And that’s why we’ve developed:

The leading comprehensive business expansion program for retreat leaders and those who want to be!

When you join this life-changing training and support program you receive LIFETIME access to Darla’s signature Retreat and Grow RICH Training Program (Starts when you Register)

I am so excited to share this with you!!

Retreat and Grow Rich
Virtual Course

Master the core business model of retreats with this on-demand video training. The course has 9 modules and shows you the exact business model I’ve used to add six figures to my business at any time. Filled with exercises for you apply the principles to your business, and samples, templates and worksheets. The 9 modules of this program include:
MODULE 1: Introduction to the Retreat and Grow RICH Business™ System
Get an overview of the program; discover the only 3 offerings you’ll ever need to build a multiple 6 figure business (and beyond!) and explore the mindset of a RICH Retreat Leader.


  • Lesson 1: Why Retreats?
  • Lesson 2: Why the RAGR Business System?
  • Lesson 3: The 4 Steps of the System
  • Lesson 4: The Only 3 Programs You’ll Need
  • Lesson 5: The 3 Ways You’ll Ask them to Buy
  • Lesson 6: The Retreat and Grow RICH Mindset


MODULE 2: What are you Amplifying?
Get clear on the message you’re amplifying in the world, discover who your STAR clients are (and what they’re really buying from you) and learn how to powerfully describe the transformation you provide.


  • Lesson 1: The Client Journey
  • Lesson 2: The Destination You Take Them To
  • Lesson 3: Your STAR Client
  • Lesson 4: Defining the Transformation
  • Lesson 5: Revealing Your Unique Approach
  • Lesson 6:  The Rooms in Your Castle
MODULE 3: Your High Level Program (HLP)
Design the High Level Program that perfectly serves your STAR Client for maximum results (and the most fun for you!) You’ll get clear on the optimal length and structure for the program, learn desire-based pricing, and plan your overall retreat calendar for the year.


  • Lesson 1: Your Ultimate Client Work
  • Lesson 2: Pricing Your HIgh Level Program
  • Lesson 3: Rolling Programs vs. Cohorts
  • Lesson 4: The Features of Your Program
  • Lesson 5: Calendaring Your Retreats
MODULE 4: Your RICH Retreat Agenda
Time to dive into the strategy behind your RICH Retreat! You’ll discover your retreat leader Archetype, learn the Cornerstone Segments of your retreat agenda and map out the content of your RICH Retreat, segment by segment, according to your Divine Design.

  • Lesson 1: The RICH Retreat Overview
  • Lesson 2: Your Retreat Type: Castle Tour or House Party
  • Lesson 3: Your Retreat Structure: Content or Mastermind
  • Lesson 4: Your Retreat Leader Archetype
  • Lesson 5: Your ‘Divine Design’ Retreat Agenda
MODULE 5: Your RICH Retreat Experience
The LEARN Approach will help you RELAX into your retreat. We’ll cover the Anatomy of a Transformation, how to develop a holistic experience that starts the moment your clients register, how to choose the perfect venue, and tune in to the soul of your RICH Retreat.

  • Lesson 1: The 3 Intentions
  • Lesson 2: Relax – You’re Perfect
  • Lesson 3: The Anatomy of Transformation
  • Lesson 4: Learning vs. Experiencing
  • Lesson 5: Three Types of Experiences
  • Lesson 6: The Experience Touch Points
  • Lesson 7: Your Venue Experience – the Five Site Vibes
  • Lesson 8: The LIVE IT Approach to Content Creation
  • Lesson 9: The Energetic Experience
  • Lesson 10: The Soul of Your RICH Retreat
MODULE 6: How to Fill Your First Retreat
The exact steps you’ll need to fill your first retreat – without overcomplicating your marketing or hiding behind your laptop. You’ll learn how to build a core audience and generate conversation, what to do if someone can’t make the dates, and how to NAME and PRICE your RICH Retreat!

  • Lesson 1: When to Host Your First Retreat
  • Lesson 2: Generating Conversation About Your Retreat
  • Lesson 3: Creating Connection Online
  • Lesson 4: Creating Connection in Person
  • Lesson 5: ALIGNED Selling Conversations
  • Lesson 6: Your Other Offer
  • Lesson 7: Pay Like Life Depends on It
  • Lesson 8: Naming Your Retreat
  • Lesson 9: Pricing Your RICH Retreat
MODULE 7: Making Offers from The HEART
Discover the HEART Offer Formula for making offers with integrity. You’ll get clear on how to offer your RICH Retreat and your High-Level Program, seamlessly and from the heart.

  • Lesson 1: The Three Offers
  • Lesson 2: The HEART Offer Formula
  • Lesson 3: Three Ways to Offer Your Retreat
  • Lesson 4: Writing Your Registration Page
  • Lesson 5: Offering Your High Level Program in Front of the Group
  • Lesson 6: Alternative Ways to Offer Your High Level Program
MODULE 8: Your Gateway Program
The Gateway program is the key to your future freedom as an entrepreneur. Understand your Short Term Gateway vs. your Long Term Gateway and how to know when it’s time to develop the long term system.


  • Lesson 1: The Role + Price of Your Gateway Program
  • Lesson 2: Your Short Term Gateway Format
  • Lesson 3: Your Long Term Gateway Format
  • Lesson 4: Design and Position Your Gateway
MODULE 9: Activating Your Audience (AKA Marketing)
The only 3 stages of marketing you need, and how to use them to create an endless stream of high paying clients. Find out how to meet the right clients and engage people (even if they’re not ready to buy!), plus the streamlined way to fill your programs and retreats WITHOUT sales conversations.


  • Lesson 1: The 3 Stages of Marketing
  • Lesson 2: Meeting Potential Clients
  • Lesson 3: Keeping Future Clients Engaged
  • Lesson 4: Activating Your STAR Clients
  • Lesson 5: The Drawbridge Sequence
  • Lesson 6: Driving Traffic to Your Drawbridge
  • Lesson 7: Marketing Your RICH Retreat Directly
  • Lesson 8: Please Be RICH – A Note from Darla
BONUS: Darla's Book: Retreat and Grow RICH
You will receive instant e-book access to Darla’s groundbreaking book, Reteat and Grow RICH:  The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Powerful, Profitable Retreat.  Your guidebook to read along with the course.

We’ve designed this program to support you holistically as you design and develop the business that works best for you and your clients!

“In my first retreat after starting my work with Darla—I got my first five-figure client.  I’ve gotten so much success in so many different areas because of this work in Darla’s program.”
“Why would I love to host retreats? I mean, they are amazing! That’s the work I want to take into the world… change people’s lives in a way that is so impactful that they can never go back to the person they use to be.”



Do You Need to be Live to Transform?

Transformation doesn’t happen because of the retreat (Live or Virtual).


It isn’t the location.

It isn’t even the travel and getting out of your home environment (THOUGH THAT HELPS A LOT!) 

Transformation happens within the container.

The way you craft the container, the way you invite clients into the container, the sacred intention you hold, and the sacred intention you insist upon for your clients, THIS creates the transformation.

The live retreat context makes it easier. People have entire flights to settle into their intention. You as the leader have humans in person in front of you, which makes you feel highly accountable to their experience.

Yet all of this can happen in a virtual setting.

But it TAKES MORE on your part. More certainty, boldness, and courage.

You have this anyway if you are called to lead retreats.

Live retreats initiate you into a new level of leadership.

So what do you do when you can’t be LIVE?

Go virtual! I share my exclusive step-by-step method for delivering real transformation for your clients in my BONUS course, included in this training! Read on to learn more.


Experience a community of trained transformational leaders.

If you’re leaning in, you’re invited to join us.

Retreat and Grow RICH Virtual is for you if:


  • You already have a business… with paying clients (totally OK if the retreat business is something new)
  • OR You are just getting started in your business and haven’t yet worked with many clients.
  • You want to add more revenue to your business by offering transformational programs (including retreats!) at a higher investment level than you have before.
  • You want to leverage your time and reach more people by working in groups (and maybe even travel as a business expense!)
  • You have experienced your own journey of transformation and you are passionate about continuing your own growth and sharing these powerful tools with others. You have a felt knowing that everything is transformable.
  • You have a body of work that you want to continue to develop, or you suspect from your 1-on-1 work with clients that there is a body of work that you’re ready to bring forward (your retreat is the best way to develop content!)
  • You understand the value and benefit of developing yourself and your business in a safe container with like-minded leaders. You are willing to transform out loud.
  • You have a generous spirit and believe fiercely in the truth of abundance (even if your mind sometimes sees lack). You know deep down that there is no competition and the Universe has your back.
  • You long to be more fully expressed, visible, relaxed and bold in the way you run your business
  • You want to be seen by more people for the leader you truly are. You love the idea of truly owning your magic.



Retreat and Grow RICH Virtual is NOT for you if:

  • You are ONLY looking for retreat planning services. We do offer training and templates for the logistics side of your retreat as part of this program, but our work is holistic and we start with the big picture first, making you the most empowered leader, coach and CEO.
  • You have scheduled your retreat and the date is fast approaching, but you need more registrations ASAP. If that is you, we love you! Let us support you one on one with this personal retreat-filling breakthrough HERE.
  • You want to continue to charge a low, ‘competitive’, hourly fee for your 1-on-1 time so everyone can afford you. While this is certainly a valid choice, the people we work with are breaking out of the norm in their industry and creating something that is uniquely valuable. They know that to do this they must be willing to charge for it (even if that choice feels challenging!)
  • You haven’t yet experienced your own transformation in some way. While each person’s path is 100% unique and there is no one path to transformation, our STAR clients have made permanent shifts in their own life and are passionate about the power of that work. You’re one of us if you have taken an eye opening training or certification, experienced a health or emotional crisis that sparked profound healing, or worked with a coach or healer or attended a retreat that permanently changed the way you experience life. You understand the concepts of limiting beliefs, thoughts creating feelings and vibrations, the effects of energy, the power of your mindset, etc. You know that love is greater than fear and you’ve experienced the power of that knowing.
  • You are turned off by spiritual concepts, or don’t resonate with the idea that god, spirit, the universe, energy, or source is guiding our journey. Some of our clients view through a more spiritual (not religious) lens, while others think in terms of quantum physics, but we have a general belief in unseen forces that come to our aid in a friendly Universe (again, even if it is challenging to see this at times)



“The results I’ve had so far working with Darla have been beyond what I expected, because in a very short period of time, I’ve been able to do what I been trying to do on my own for 3 or 4 years!  Hiring Darla is one of the best decisions I have made since starting my business.”

“For years, I’ve wanted to lead retreats and to help people transform, and it’s taken me 30 years and Darla LeDoux to help me discover exactly how that should show up in my life. I have a clear plan for next year, not only hosting my first retreat, but three retreats. I’m very grateful.”

Your Lifetime Retreat and Grow RICH Virtual Program Includes:


The Course

Retreat and Grow Rich VIRTUAL 9-Module Training Program





The program starts when you enroll!


“As a human being, we cannot accept a part of ourselves that we have not shared with another human being and had validated rather than violated.”

– Kurt Wright



We want you to get what you need when you need it, and deliver information and transformation in a streamlined way. Because we each learn differently and technology is beautiful, we are including a few juicy bonuses you can access right away.



A comprehensive guide for choosing your retreat location in a way that is aligned with your values and the energy you wish to create.

You’ll learn the 5 Site Vibes and which is best for you. You get our Venue EVal process. You’ll also receive a venue alignment meditation and sample contracts, tips for negotiating, and sample budgets as well.

This training alone will save you thousands of dollars each time you host your retreat (a $2000 Value)!



Do you know you want to host retreats but you’re not sure exactly what your retreat-based business will be about yet? The OWN IT: Uncovering Your Brand Pulse course is for you! This 4-module course is designed to bring you a whole new level of clarity and alignment. Our students report this bonus alone made more difference for them than countless other courses they have taken.

This course Includes our exclusive Clarity Point(™) Playbook with a handful of targeted exercises that lead to fast clarity. Get clear about what you’re marketing by going within! Define the points of view your brand holds that distinguishes you from others. Claim the three core promises that your brand makes to your STAR Clients which will resonate deeply with them. Write benefit statements you can consistently use for marketing copy, and more! (A $1000 Value!)

“I was starting to feel stuck and limited, and I needed help getting beyond that; having conversations with Darla’s team showed me ways I could do it. Working with her coaching staff helped me create a new revenue stream that immediately funded the entire program!”
“I believe that Darla is definitely a unique teacher. She’s able to provide knowledge, but also pull out what we already have in us, so that we can step into our best selves.”


Virtual Retreat – REAL Transformation
6-Hour Training Program

Here’s what you’ll learn in our Virtual Retreat – Real Transformation course:

  • How to know your intention for transformation for your clients.
  • How to be crystal clear about the outcome you are inviting them to co-create with you. (Each person will get something different – it helps to understand how transformation works so you can point the way while leaving space for their individual experience!)
  • How to set the container for transformation. You are not a dollars/hour business, you are a container business. The container includes the space between all your contacts with your clients.
  • How to create an experience. This doesn’t have to be a dramatic experience a la zip-lining through the jungle. It can be a simple experiential that you have them do on their own between zoom sessions. The TRUTH comes through via experience. And the NEW ENERGY gets solidified through experience. Give your clients the opportunity to experience both.
  • How to create CONTEXT. This is true whether you are live or not. Help people to frame up what they are already experiencing! (We are in one massive Sourced Experience after all, nothing needs to be added to that!)
  • How to Enroll your clients in their transformation first – the ‘how to stuff’ can happen once they are clear and aligned to their goal.  (HINT: This is what happens on your virtual retreat!


Retreat and Grow Rich Breakthrough Coaching Session

This 1-on-1 coaching session with our lead coach can be used as needed during the first four months of your program.

Tap into our expert ability to laser on in the insights or tweaks you need personally to bring your retreat business to life!

(a $500 Value)

To do this work privately with Darla in a personal retreat starts at $20,000.


Your investment is $997 which includes all your BONUS training and private coaching breakthrough session.

(You may also choose 4 monthly payments of $275.)

Join Us for Retreat and Grow RICH!

Your call to retreats is about more than just leading retreats — every time you lead a group in transformation, your consciousness expands as well! And that’s what makes it the best job on earth!

Get instant access!

Begin Your Transformation TODAY! Join us for Retreat and Grow RICH!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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