This post is a continuation of the last one, “Be Irrational.”

Have you ever been inspired by someone for no logical, rational reason? They were saying something that may or may not have fit with what you currently believed to be true, yet for some reason you knew you wanted to support them in what they were saying.  They were resonating with their Truth.  When we resonate with our Truth, the Truth of whom we are, no explanation is needed.  Our intuitive mind discerns Truth.

In our society, we feel the need to justify everything (Einstein noticed it – quote in my last post).  When we rationalize our Truth, we give away our power. We give others the opportunity to judge our reasons and validate or invalidate our choices, based on whether their rational mind decides that our reason was “good enough.”  What does THEIR rational mind, with its inability to discern ANY Truth, know about OUR Truth?  Absolutely nothing!  This doesn’t mean they are bad people; it’s not their job to know our Truth. We must be responsible for our Truth, rather than allowing others to tell us how we “should” feel.

Reasons and rationalizations give rise to uncertainty.  Look at our current economic situation.All the choices made by banks, Wall Street, other corporations and individuals that created this circumstance were perfectly rational to all who heard them and processed them via their rational mind as FACTS.  Yet, likely many of the individuals who contributed (and who of us didn’t at some level?) had a “gut feeling” that something was not right – about the housing market, the flow of money, and even our degree of consumer spending.  In this example we see how FACTS can be changed with new perspective (i.e. the earth is round).  How solid might our economy be had we listened to intuition rather than believing the FACTS?  The economy responds, because the Truth is unbending.

•    What are you rationalizing and justifying about yourself or your life and what would it be like to give that up?
•    Where are you sacrificing your Truth in favor of agreed upon FACTS?
•    Where could you, this week, choose to present a decision you have made and leave out the rationalization?
•    How could you inspire someone else into action by simply declaring your Truth with 100% confidence?
•    How might you make a practice of using your rational mind to ask for answers from your intuition?

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