There was something in the air last week.  In my client calls on Monday, I noticed a lot of people who had been moving rapidly forward had hit a “funk.”  In many instances I asked them, “how are you being about your funk?” and “what is the gift in this experience?”

This may seem strange, but there was always a gift.  For some it is simply noticing that even in a place of struggle, they did not stop.  They had enough clarity and commitment to not let a little mood or confusion stop them.  Woo-hoo!

In some instances struggle is an indicator of something else.  Struggle is always a signal that we are resisting something the Universe is trying to bring into our world. It is us trying to exert our ideas about how life should be, that are generally related to un-Truth ideas we’ve inherited from others.  It is a signal that we are ignoring our Truth, or the elegant solution, that is right in front of our nose.

For example, an individual decides they want to work for themself.  Because they used to work as a _______, they decide to start a business as a “freelance _______.”  Perhaps they never really liked _______, but it seemed safest, and for a multitude of reasons, they are struggling to get clients.  Yet, at least once a week someone is coming to them for advice on ___(insert other thing here)____, which is different than _______.”  They never realized that they could charge for ___(other thng)___, which everyone is asking them for naturally, because it is just who they are.

If you are struggling, or confused, in any part of your life, there is a similar dynamic going on.  You are resisting something that would make your life easier.  Maybe you have a need to be right, and taking the elegant solution goes against all that you’ve believed in the past.  Maybe you want to stay safe, and your Truth is about beign “out there” in a big way, so you ignore it.  Maybe you actually know your Truth, deep down at your core (actually I’m certain you do), but you are afraid of what people might think of you.  (Been there – have you read my story?)  I call these things “Hidden Commitments.”  Our hidden commitments to confusion and struggle, and the underlying belief systems that support them (to looking good, being smart, staying safe), can always be blown out of the water when we choose to believe the truth:

Struggle is always a signal that we are resisting something the Universe is trying to bring our way.

Confusion is a gift which lets us know we are departing from our personal Truth.

Your Truth is always there… start talking to it!

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