Win-Win-5.21.14-01One of my client groups has a challenge this month. Each person set a revenue goal for May. When the ENTIRE group makes their goal, I will buy each of them a massage. Something they all said they wanted. The goals range from $5,000 to $35,000, and were set to stretch each person playing the game.


Now I want you to imagine you had this assignment. You were instantly tied to 14 other people in a journey to hit your money goal. How would you react? What would be your immediate set of thoughts? Be honest?


Would you begin to put a plan in place for yourself to meet your personal goal? Would you worry about letting other people down? Would the idea of “we all win or no one wins” motivate you or deflate you?


Perhaps you’d sit there and wonder how to talk about what you do, or how to get your message just right so that people will understand you. Or get into a spiral in your head about what to do create some traction in your business. You wonder – should I just suck it up and call people I know, or do I need to create a new campaign with the intent of finding new people?


You might wonder about what’s going to take you the most time and how to hit your goal without looking stupid.

And this, my friend is all about YOU.


The collective group reward was initiated with the intent to instill a sense of collaboration and support that would take each individual away from the “all about me” mentality and into the “who can I serve” perspective.


See if each person in any group would simply take a step to make the ideal connections for another business in whom they believe, the goals would be met with ease.


Yet most people have a ‘fend for myself’ type of attitude, and not only don’t like to ask for help, they are even afraid to offer it.  Whether out of scarcity, or fear of intimacy, most people would rather just worry about themselves, EVEN WHEN ITS NOT WORKING!


And here’s the thing, when you’re worrying about you, your prospects feel that.


Ideally, every sales conversation is nothing more than a curious dig into how you can be of service.  It’s never more complicated than that.


There are people who teach that you have to be in business for you.  And I agree – you need to have goals that are personal to you for if you don’t you will be over giving to make yourself feel good because the giving is your only reward.


But a true, sustainable, aligned business is about something bigger than yourself, and that energy cannot be accessed from a state of worrying about you.  Be clear about your goals, then let them go and focus on being of service.  Help connect someone with the right service provider for them, and watch the flow of abundance come right back at you.  When you’re not worried about trying to fix what’s wrong with you or your business, it’s amazing how generosity will flow.


If you’d like to learn more on the underlying principles for this idea, CLICK HERE.

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