The key is transformation. 


Have you been called to add retreats to your business?

You’re not alone. Because they work. There is nothing like taking people out of their environment and holding space for their transformation.

And visionary leaders are being tapped on the shoulder to do this work with excellence.

Yet there is so much to consider.

I’ve put together a kit to address the top questions we receive from our retreat leaders who go on to host six figure weekends, with life-changing client results.

Get the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY (and HOW) of powerful, profitable retreats as our gift to you.

The Transformation Starts with You.

Extraordinary retreats require exceptional leaders.

And as you picture yourself leading intimate groups on transformational journeys, you know you are committed to that level of excellence.

Every retreat I’ve lead (close to seventy, with millions in revenue) has called me to grow to hold space for precisely what my clients need.

In our signature program, Retreat and Grow Rich, we focus on two things:

1) The strategy and structure of how to design a profitable retreat-based business that amplifies your unique work in the world.

2) The mastery of the internal process of transformation so you can bring your full power to your own life, and the clients who can’t wait to hire you.

(And we have lots of fun in the process!)

AMPLIFY combines virtual learning with a live retreat experience for both information and integration.

Can This Retreat Be Saved?

I developed Retreat and Grow Rich because my business coaching clients LOVED the retreats I created for them, and they would tell me, “I want a business like yours!” I quickly learned that there could be a big gap between their vision and execution. Going on ten years as a business coach and a retreat leader, my team and I have seen and experienced it all. Many of the clients we work with who come to us with a retreat idea or plan are ⇒ THIS CLOSE ⇐ to gold!

And that distance can mean the difference between a six-figure revenue weekend, and massive fees for a cancelled contract, and a severely bruised ego.

If you have a venue and date in mind but aren’t sure whether to pull the trigger, if you have a retreat coming up and no one has registered, if your retreat is next week but you’re losing money, we are masters at seeing the transformation YOU need to bring it powerfully and profitably to them.  

“As a high-end coach myself I think it’s really important because what Darla was willing to do and say was the stuff that no other coach before her had been willing to point out. I knew she had my best intentions at heart.”

“Darla is so loving and compassionate. She cares about the people she’s working with. The knowledge and the wisdom she has, in totally different areas … I don’t know what I would’ve done without her.

We go deeper. We reach further.

Let’s spread the power of transformation one retreat at a time… together!

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