The Entrepreneurs Guide to Powerful, Profitable Retreats

What if you could use your natural and intuitive gifts for connecting the dots, connecting with people, and sharing your own journey of transformation to make great money and lasting impact?

Retreat and Grow Rich™  is a complete business system for entrepreneurs who want to use their RICH skills (right-brained, intuitive, connected, and heart-centered) in a simple and effective business model… no big lists, hustle, or hype required.

The book, Retreat and Grow Rich: The Entrepreneurs Guide to Powerful, Profitable Retreats, provides all the practical steps to design a retreat-based business, conveyed through examples and exercises, supported stories from Darla’s life and her clients’ journeys, that will validate, inspire, challenge, and heal.


Darla is a master at creating impactful, profitable retreats that create true transformation for your clients. Her wisdom will inspire you to new heights. 

Amy Ahlers,

Bestselling author of Reform Your Inner Mean Girl

In a world that is increasingly divided, we need leaders that can guide us to living our highest integrity and potential. That requires living our truth and modeling transformation like never before. Darla does this and and leads others to do the same, making it impossible to be around her without experiencing a profound change in yourself. Use this book as your guide to be the change in your own retreats.

David Neagle

Master Income Acceleration Mentor and Author of "The Millions Within"


If you’ve ever thought about hosting a retreat, you’re going to want to read this book right now! Darla has held nothing back. In-depth information about designing your retreat, making it effective, filling it, and making it profitable–it’s all in there, along with answers to crucial questions you probably haven’t even thought to ask. Informative and inspiring, this book doesn’t stop at the surface level. It also unwraps the inner game and speaks to the heart. Retreat and Grow Rich is the next best thing to having a coach in your pocket!

Cara Stein

Founder of 17000 Days and author of How to be Happy (No Fairy Dust or Moonbeams Required)

I’ve done workshops for years, but I always felt like something was missing. When I worked with Darla I understood what was missing – the transformation! I was giving great information but I wasn’t creating an environment where we could go deeper – the space where lasting change naturally occurs. Following what Darla teaches in this book, I crafted a new retreat that got rave reviews from attendees, and was the easiest I’ve ever done.

Tina Forsyth,

Author of The Entrepreneur's Trap