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And finally, you might be asking us, HOW do I get support in launching my retreat?

That’s easy!

Darla LeDoux is a business coach, retreat leader, ‘recovering engineer,’ and founder of Aligned Entrepreneurs. Since 2009, she’s helped thousands of entrepreneurs around the world discover the power of intimate retreats to transform their clients’ lives and build thriving businesses based on freedom, intuition and connection.

Darla envisions a world in which regularly scheduled transformational experiences are the norm, not the exception. Her first book, Retreat and Grow Rich, was published in 2017.   

I’ve done workshops for years now, but I always felt like something was missing.     

“It wasn’t until I worked with Darla that I understood what was missing – the transformation! I was giving great information (in typical workshop format) but I wasn’t creating an environment where we could go deeper – the space where lasting change naturally occurs. Following what Darla teaches, I crafted a new retreat that not only got rave reviews from attendees, it was the easiest retreat I’ve ever done. (Who knew that delivering transformation is actually easier and a lot more fun than delivering information?) I can say with confidence that small retreats are one of the most enjoyable, effective and lucrative ways to do great work in the world – and Darla is the master at showing the way.”

Tina Forsyth

I’m on the path of greater courage and confidence in myself.

I chose to work with Darla because of her unique ability to help me see, understand, trust and follow my unique truth. I lost my way and failed – because in part, I wandered far from my personal truth. The Universe was kind enough to send me Darla as my guide back to my unique gifts. She helped me better understand where some of my fears and concerns live, so that I can let them go on the path to greater courage and confidence in myself. Looking back, I can’t believe how far I have come in believing in myself and articulating a vision for my business that resonates so strongly with my gifts, passions and belief in why I am here since I began working with Darla.

Mary Wallace Jaensch

Last Big Gig

Go for it. There’s no time like the present.

Before I started working with Darla I was making slow progress and I was becoming increasingly frustrated. Since working with Darla I feel less pressure because I have someone who I can bounce my ideas off before I implement. I also now have the support of Darla as well as a new community of like-minded friends. I would tell anyone who’s considering working with Darla to go for it. There’s no time like the present.

Sheila Dicks


I knew retreats were the next step in my business but I didn’t know how to get started.    

“Prior to learning from Darla, I organized my first retreat on my own in the same way that I used to organize my Reiki classes. The tools and guidance from Darla are just so powerful! My very next retreat brought in over $10,000 in sales. I didn’t know what I didn’t know before. Now, I know the retreat format that not only is profitable but offers deep transformation for my clients. Thanks to Darla, I am in love with offering retreats and have several more planned!”

Renee Li