Greetings to my coach, consultant, healer, creative, or guide,

I love being a retreat leader! There is so much to love.

However, In working with hundreds of clients to design their signature transformational retreats (I call these RICH Retreats – more on that later), and speaking with hundreds more people over the years who say they want to lead retreats yet don’t actually do it, I’ve become quite discerning about who we work with in our programs, and who is actually right for and ready to bring transformational retreats to their work!

I’d love to share what I discovered to save you years of time and energy spent wondering whether to go down this path.

In this step I’ll share:

  • The top 12 natural gifts of retreat leaders who bring deep transformation to their clients, and are meant to make great money from their ‘soft skills’
  • The top 12 reasons NOT to host retreats! Here my goal is to dissuade anyone who will ultimately discover that leading retreats is not for them! Let me save you time and money!

Click on each of the images on the below to access your resources.  Please explore and, on the other side, if you’re feeling even more confident and excited about developing yourself as a POWERFUL and PROFITABLE transformational retreat leader, move forward to step two!


Are you ready to to AMPLIFY your work in the world through your transformational retreat?

We’ve got your back! Here’s HOW: