Congratulations! You’ve made it to Step 2! This tells me that leading retreats is indeed a calling for you, and you are willing to do what it takes to grow yourself and your clients right along with you! (I call this the LEARN approach – LEARN while you EARN!)

It is such a fun journey with so many benefits! Like:

  • Becoming the type of person who can move through anything in life with confidence and ease
  • Watching people literally transform before your eyes, where they walk out looking different than they came in!
  • Traveling to places you love as a business expense
  • Enjoying shared experiences and adventures with the best clients ever!
  • Creating a rhythm and a flow in your business because you are sharing invitations (marketing) in strategic cycles (no more wondering what you should promote this week!)
  • Eliminating sales conversations that end with ‘I have to think about it,’ or ‘I can’t afford that,’ or ‘Can you send me a link?’ because your RIGHT clients KNOW you are their person!
  • Make more money in a weekend than most people make in a year, KNOWING that the receiving of great money represents the permanent transformation of lives

If that all sounds awesome, the next thing you might be asking is, WHAT do I actually DO at my retreat!?


But this may or may not be the right question!

Because even though we’ve established that you have the makings of a powerful retreat leader, we also want you to be a PROFITABLE retreat leader.

And here’s the solution.

Before you dive in to planning your retreat, discover your Retreat Leader Archetype!

There are six Retreat Leader Archetypes, and I’ve created a quiz to help you to discover yours. Your archetype will give you (and ME!) lots of information about the way you work best as a retreat leader.

When you take the quiz you’ll receive a video which outlines your strengths and pitfalls as a leader, as well as downloadable SAMPLE AGENDA for a 2 ½ day retreat that will simplify your decision about What to Do at Your Retreat.

Your Archetype creates a STRATEGY for your business, and allows your offerings to MAKE SENSE to your clients, both logically, and intuitively. Because they are just so right for YOU!

Take the Retreat Leader Archetype Quiz today!



If you love to learn through stories (as we do as retreat leaders!), I invite you to download our Retreat Fails episode of the Retreat and Grow Rich Podcast and listen on your next dog walk or networking event commute!

Some of the mistakes I see people make include:

  • Choosing a destination they want to go to and inviting people without having clarity of what the retreat is about or how it will make money (people often end up spending a premium on their retreat without charging a premium when they work this way)
  • Imagining the binder of content they will hand out at their retreat, and spending days, weeks, and months developing this (with intermittent resistance and procrastination) before even knowing if their retreat will sell. (I made 182 powerpoint slides for my first retreat – eek!)
  • Thinking they have to cover EVERYTHING they have ever learned on their own transformational journey in this one retreat.
  • Thinking they have to have their retreat be about some concrete topic, rather than about transformation.
  • Waiting to launch their retreat until they get ‘the download’ rather than trusting that the download will come in divine right timing.
  • Making a beautiful sales page for a retreat and posting it to Facebook and being surprised when people don’t register.
  • Pricing their retreat by researching other ‘yoga retreats,’ for example rather than developing a business philosophy that allows them to price their retreats in divine alignment.

I’ve seen people make all of these mistakes and more (in fact, you can listen in as I interview 5 past clients about their “Retreat Fails” – link below).

While I won’t get into all of the details of your business model just yet, if you’re enthusiastic about your business like me, you may want to get a head start by listening to this podcast episode on the Retreat and Grow Rich Business System.


Are you ready to to AMPLIFY your work in the world through your transformational retreat?

We’ve got your back! Here’s HOW: