When should I host my retreat?

Great question!

One of the reasons that retreats are so powerful for your business is that they happen IN TIME. There is a hard date for your retreat, and people will either come or not. This means there is a point at which your clients can no longer “think about it” or say, “maybe later.”

This gives you a reason to reach out and help your best prospects to make a choice NOW.

That said, because the retreat happens in time, and you want to give yourself plenty of time to market and fill your retreat, the timing of your retreat will feel EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. And it is! Yet, sometimes people take SO LONG thinking about the right timing for their retreat, that the energetic pull to do it passes, and they are left in inaction and wondering “what if?”

Let’s not let this happen to you!

I’ve developed a flowchart guide called “When Should I Host My Retreat” to help you discern the right timing for your next retreat.

Please review the chart and the accompanying action plan to get a sense for your retreat-filling timing and process.

Note: Most people go through a massive transformation in their level of OWNING IT with every retreat they lead. In our Retreat and Grow Rich AMPLIFY program, we not only focus on this owning it, and interpreting the signals from the market about your retreat, but we use all of our experience to help you decide the timing that is right for you by tapping into both the practical and energetic aspects of where you are.


Are you ready to to AMPLIFY your work in the world through your transformational retreat?

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