Now that you have a target date in mind let’s decide where you are going!

Because we’re moving on from DATE to LOCATION.

Where should you host your retreat!?

There is a lot to consider! AND, in the beginning make it as simple as possible. I’ve created a short e-book for you to get a sense of what you need to consider.

Pay particular attention to this piece!

AND, because transformation can happen anywhere, if in doubt select the closest three or four star hotel conference room that is 750 square feet or greater, negotiate the best deal possible (don’t worry, we teach this) and get moving!

If you don’t like site selection, lots of people love it.  In our signature program, there is a whole course on negotiating venues that you can assign to someone on your team.


Are you ready to to AMPLIFY your work in the world through your transformational retreat?

We’ve got your back! Here’s HOW: