Do You Need a Retreat Breakthrough?


My retreat is…


… five weeks away and no one has registered!

costing me more than I realized and I am afraid I will lose money!
… not coming together – I had this vision but now I’m blocked!
… AMAZING! Unfortunately I’m giving it away for free!
… calling to me time and again, but I’m afraid of what it means if I listen.


When it’s time to add retreats, so many entrepreneurs choose to go it alone. After all, you are smart and capable, AND, you’ve attended events or retreats, maybe run them in corporate, or you’re amazing at hosting parties, so how hard can it be!!!???

I totally get it! That’s why I created the



If you’ve landed here you’d like a little bit of that magic!

We’ve got you covered!

And please know you are not alone.

When you decide to schedule your retreat and own your power as a retreat leader, you are signing up for a magical breakthrough experience. Oh, not just for your attendees, but for you!

And somewhere on this journey it is bound to get sticky — this is by design! Because you are being called to hold space at a new level with this retreat. The retreat breakdown sets you up beautifully for the breakthrough, which creates a whole new level of YOU showing up in the world.

And this TRUTH is really why we are IN LOVE with supporting retreat leaders through their process.

Who you are becoming is so beautiful.

If you are feeling stuck, you are perfectly normal.


We know the exact places this tends to happen, which is why we offer…


Breakthrough Session

This offering includes a detailed prep form for us to get to know you, your work, and your current situation, and a 45-minute 1-on-1 breakthrough coaching call designed to move you powerfully to the next stage of your journey.

It’s right for you if:

  • You have already hosted a retreat and you loved it, but… you didn’t make the money you wanted, you faced unexpected challenges, or felt more tired afterward than you would have liked. You want to do another one asap but need some perspective first.
  • You have recently decided to host a retreat. You booked your amazing venue, created your registration page about this fabulous experience, announced it to your closest people, and no one has registered. People are interested and cheering for you, but no one has put their money down. You’re still excited, but you’re waning, and you don’t want to let this fizzle.
  • Your retreat is a few weeks out and you need support. There aren’t as many people as you’d like (or no people!) registered. You are suddenly feeling shaky about your content. You’re realizing that your expenses are higher than you expected, and you’re not sure if you’ll make any money at the end of the day. You know this is the start of something amazing but you’re missing a solid strategy to help you OWN IT.
  • You are beginning to re-imagine how your business, or your LIFE, might look if you reshape it around your vision of hosting retreats and leading transformational journeys, and you want to design it in an aligned and high-vibe way from the start, with personal, expert support?


This session is personal to you. Our ninja-like skill is to zone in on what you don’t know about what you most need to reach your real goals.

In this session, we are not interested in what looks good on Instagram, or giving you broad strategies or ‘good advice’ that will help you someday. We’ll get in the dirt with you and get clear on what matters most about where you are heading, where you ACTUALLY are now, and what to implement to close that gap.

Some breakthroughs others have experienced:

  • Discovering where the perfect people are (on their list or in their community already) who are ready to attend their retreat, and activating them to register.
  • Getting focused on the right action to fill their retreat! (No more posting on social media to only friends and family who will never attend!)
  • Naming the six people that they KNOW are meant to be there and scheduling calls with them!
  • Choosing to cancel a retreat that’s not in alignment without it costing them anything out of pocket, and beginning again with a solid business strategy.
  • Discovering why their retreat didn’t make money and what to do about it next time.
  • Breaking through a belief about themselves that was keeping them from filling the room and charging what the client is worth.
  • Discovering the scarcity energy embedded in the whole thing, shifting it, and filling the retreat (without having to change the marketing).
  • Learning how to shift up their sales conversations to have the prospects ASK to be invited to the retreat.

Darla really knows about growing an abundant business. And she is so adept at addressing the blocks that inevitably come up when I am stretching into that space.

Veronica Wirth

Founder, Design Bistro

  • Recognizing why people were all having date conflicts for their retreat (sometimes before they even told them the date!)
  • Doubling the investment for the retreat and felt great about it.
  • Developing a powerful back-end offer that deeply supports their clients, and brought them an instant financial breakthrough ($18K months for a year!) from their single retreat.
  • Crafting the outline of a signature speech for local speaking to fill a retreat (guiding the audience to know WHY they need to attend).
  • Removing unnecessary components of the retreat to cut expenses while making the experience more effective.
  • Tweaking and tailoring the experiential component of the retreat to be more effective, simple, and powerful, without adding any cost to the budget.
  • Healing a past trauma that was making them afraid to take their place in front of the room.
  • Healing a negative experience from a prior retreat that was making them gun-shy to start again.

The results I’ve had so far working with Darla have been beyond what I expected, because in a very short period of time, I’ve been able to do what I’ve been trying to do on my own for 3 or 4 years!

Kristin Pelletier

KP Consulting


We are the ultimate experts on developing a powerful and profitable retreat-based business, and we can’t wait to help you see what YOU NEED to create your own!

This session includes: 

  • A powerful intake form to help us to have a good idea of what is going on for you before we even hop on the phone.
  • One (1) Private 45-minute breakthrough session.
  • AT LEAST one solid next step you can take in the next week to shift your result.
  • Recommended resources custom to where you are and where you are going.

My valuable transformational leader, one well-done retreat can earn you six figures every time you host it.


Our more financially conservative clients still earn five figures per weekend!

    And your Retreat SOS Breakthrough Session is available now for just $497.

    (Intake form and calendar link will be emailed to you directly)