Tapping Into the Hidden Power of Your Brand Container

Guest article with Veronica Wirth of Evolvative™ Brand Studio

As my work in branding has evolved over the years, I’ve come to see a brand not only as an identity, a set of values or a strategy, but as a virtual container that houses all of those aspects and more.

Your Brand Container is an energetic framework that holds the vision and vibration of what your brand is becoming.

Creating a container to help manifest something into form is not a new process. It is actually ancient and based in universal wisdom. As any quantum physics buff will tell you, everything is energy, energy that is arranged in myriad different forms and frequencies. All matter exists as a thought vibration first before it becomes matter, and thought is simply focused energy.

Creating an energetic container for your brand is a conscious and intentional way to harness that energy and anchor a new vision if it into the physical. By consciously creating this new space we then have a way to begin to tap into the expanded energy of our bigger vision and align our vibration with it. 

In so doing, we naturally create a magnetic beacon for the Universe.

Like energy attracts like, and so the Universe faithfully will align itself around this new vibration we are emitting the more we can energize and embody it. Things begin to immediately rearrange and realign with this new information we are sending out and our vision begins to take form.

This is a much more fluid, feminine way of creating and it may feel quite contrary to the way we are used to manifesting. After all, our culture has tended toward being more structured and masculine in the way it shows us how to create. When we create only from masculine energy we are taught to “go out and get” and “work hard” for what we are wanting to create – more hustle yields more results. While at times that may work, it often doesn’t feel good or like a natural way of creating (especially for more heart-centered types). Who hasn’t felt the frustration when, the more we’ve chased after something, the more it seemed to illude us and slip away? Or worked to the bone to finally get the result we were after, only to feel empty once we attained it?

Grasp at a hummingbird and it will flee. Yet open your hand and place some nectar there, then be peaceful and she will most likely land and let you gaze at her while she enjoys your offering. An open hand can hold much more than a closed fist.

In a more feminine energy we switch from go-getting into attraction mode. We turn an outward focus to an inward one. Rather than a plea or demand, we create instead an invitation for our vision. “Welcome, come in!” this energy says. “I have made a place just for you, please make yourself comfortable”.  

As a soulful entrepreneur, your deep connection to your feminine “softer” qualities are a big part of your gift and brilliance in your soul’s work.Your sensitivity, compassion, intuition are all gold for your clients and they likely come to you specifically for those very qualities and the unique way you tap into and express them.

It makes a lot of sense then to approach your brand from this rich, internal space as well. Instead of going to the mind first to create our strategy and branding approach, what if we created more aligned with how the Universe creates?

Consult your heart and soul first

through your connection with source energy, and tap into that deeper, aligned vision. Then anchor that by creating a sacred container to magnetize the new vibration. It’s all based on energy.

A brand borne of the logical mind is limited in how deeply and far forward it can see; the mind can only comprehend so much. This can result in a brand container that you outgrow quickly or that doesn’t fully speak to the depth and vibrational level of your work.

Framed in this mentally-driven (more masculine) mindset, you would likely ask questions such as “how do I get more clients?”, “how do we make more people buy more?”, “how do I find the right people for my services?”.  All these intimate an outward focus.

In contrast, when you anchor your brand from a deeper, soul level you begin to ask questions from a very different (more feminine) space:

“How can I share my truest self with the people I am most meant to serve??”, “what offerings can I source through me that honor my customers’ highest good?”, ”how do I attract more of the right clients?”

Rather than begging or commanding solely logical goals to be met, we instead invite the Universe to create with us. This approach also happens to be very effective…and way more fun!

So I invite you to expand your thinking around your brand for a moment. What if your brand was a generous and intentional container, a beautiful co-creation between you and spirit? How does that feel? What would you do differently if you came from this space?

In order to live into the next evolution of your brand and expression of your sacred work you need a container to hold it in its fullness as you be-come and grow into it and to create this energetic invitation. Creating this container also focuses thought and focuses energy.

This container holds what you envision for your sacred work from a soul level. It defines the intentional space to hold that energy and act as a magnet as you live into that expanded expression of YOU.

Intentionally creating and then energizing your brand container becomes a powerful tool for you to create and grow into the highest evolution of your brand.

Veronica Wirth – Founder, Evolvative™ Brand Studio

Veronica Wirth is a visionary entrepreneur, intuitive, award-winning designer and creative maverick. She has brought her innovative and big picture approach to successful careers in the entertainment and creative industries, and as founder her branding firm Evolvative™ Brand Studio (previously Design Bistro LLC).  She’s been keynote speaker at Sustainable Success in Manhattan and appeared on numerous podcasts. She’s developed the Soulful Brand™ and Evolvative™ Branding methods, helping other visionaries keep their brands ahead of the curve and deeply aligned with their soul’s purpose.

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