This week I had a booth at a networking event (Positive Connections for those in Cincinnati, it is great!)  I created a handout which included several scenarios and potential responses which generally correspond to the 7 levels of energy.  I used some relationship examples, as well as some scenarios related to how one’s energy, or default tendency, might show up in their business, as this was primarily a group of entrepreneurs.  For this week’s “7-Level Sunday” I thought I’d share them.

Scenario A: Your business results are not what you want – the clients are not coming.

1.    It’s the economy, there is nothing I can do, I’ll wait it out.
2.    People must be choosing my competition – what idiots!
3.    I probably haven’t done enough marketing – they don’t know they need me yet.
4.    People need my services and it is my duty to be out there letting them know about them.  Maybe I’ll ask them what else they need.
5.    I wonder why my results aren’t what I’d like… what is the opportunity here?  What are my results trying to tell me?  I must need to adjust my offering to do the stuff I am most passionate about.  Where can I find the win-win with others who complement my strengths?
6.    What does my intuition tell me about a new strategy that will connect me with the money/ clients/ results now?
7.    I love every part of my journey in life.

Scenario B:  I am trying to decide whether to narrow my business to focus on a specific type of client and/or service or keep it broad and offer more.

1.    It doesn’t matter what I do, it is going to be hard to find clients.  I’ll just offer more and hope that someone shows up.
2.    There aren’t enough clients to go around, so I better compete in as many categories as I can.  In each category, I will do analysis and focus on beating my competition.
3.    “They say” I should focus.  I won’t spend too much time thinking about this though, I’ll just keep putting one foot in front of the other and eventually I will win.
4.    I know I can help so many people, it is hard to just choose just one way to do that.  Where will I make the biggest difference?  I’ll focus on that.
5.    There is no “right” answer about what to focus on.  I will simply pick what most inspires me, focus on what I love about that, and trust that the rest will be taken care of.  I will look for opportunities to partner and empower others to win too.
6.    What does my intuition tell me about the direction that most serves both me, and others, right now?
7.    I am passionate about whatever is in front of me, and I follow my passion without judgment.

Where would your energy most likely fall as a business owner  (You can take the ELI Assessment to find out!)

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