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If you’re a retreat leader, you’ve probably been faced with all sorts of questions like: Where should I hold it? What do I teach? How long should it be? How big should it be?

It’s true, entrepreneurs make decisions all day long! Sometimes to the point where we face decision fatigue.

Today I want to share a helpful tool I use when I’m faced with a decision. I learned it from my wonderful mentor Bruce D. Schneider, the author of Energy Leadership. It teaches us to tune into ourselves to discover which of 7 energy levels we are operating on so that we can address our subconscious mind and make sound decisions.

It’s super important for us to cover this tool now as a framework because I’ll reference it in many episodes to come! Learning to recognize my energy level and the energy levels of those around me has absolutely rocked my world.

But before we dig in, please note that this tool doesn’t just apply to retreat leaders. This is gold for any human who’s ever had to make a decision — I promise!

Which level of energy you’re coming from dictates how things will go. So when it comes to making decisions, if you can make a decision from an energy level that’s positive, supportive, and in alignment for you…it makes a huge difference!

7 Energy Levels Cheat Sheet (Key Takeaways):


1 – Victim Energy (I lose)  [10:52]
2 – Anger / Conflict Energy (You lose)  [14:18]
3 – Rationalization Energy (I win)  [20:10]
4 – Concern Energy (You win)  [26:02]
5 – Reconciliation Energy (Win-Win)  [31:46]
6 – Synthesis Energy (We’re all always winning)  [39:43]
7 – Objectivity Energy (Winning and losing are illusions)  [46:00]


  • It’s critical that you grasp this concept so that you know what energy level you’re working with during your retreat.  *[08:20]
  • Try to tune into each of these energies now so that you can start to learn the signs your body gives you when you’re in them.  *[48:40]
  • Things will come up in the container of your retreat that will act as mirrors to yours and others energy levels. Be prepared for this!  *[18:55]

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