A client in my Biz School program asked me this question about making decisions and creating intentions for good to come into our world:  How do I think about making things happen vs. letting it just come to me?  I’ll rephrase that.  How do I think about action as opposed to faith in creating the results that I want?

This is a great question! The Sweet Spot is all about balance. When we are ATTACHED to an outcome, we will repel it, when we are COMMITTED to it, we will allow it come. When we are committed we take action. (CLICK HERE for blog post on commitment vs. attachment)

So, you have to take action. But you don’t want to micromanage your action.

Napoleon Hill says that when riches come they come quickly and from a direction we would not have imagined. Sometimes you will take intentional action and get direct response. E.g. go to a networking event, meet and convert new client. Other times you’ll get results from a completely different source.

OFTEN, I’ll call and follow up with someone who I think could use my services, and then, even if I don’t reach them, someone else will contact me about coaching almost immediately.  When I get into the energy of service, people respond.

When we take action in complete faith, we open up the flow to receiving the result. It is not our job to determine exactly from where the result will come. It is our job to take action and pay attention to opportunity.

When I decided I was going to leave my job and start a business, the first real decision I made was to quit my current job and make more money to fund my business.  This opportunity showed up from an unexpected source.  But I first had to take action – I wrote and posted my resume.  I asked my current job for a raise.  Then the contact came that led to the ideal transitional opportunity.

We cannot sit on the couch and intend and expect results, especially if we don’t have the systems in place to connect authentically with our new clients.

It’s also important not to go into hyper-action mode and try to do everything all at once, with a desire to force or control the outcome. That is when attachment comes in, and we stop the flow of the good that is trying to come to us.

Strategic, consistent, action in line with ways of being that work authentically for you (i.e. give you freedom). That is what we are after.

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