What You Need to Know Before You Get Your Prospects Excited

I’ve been talking a lot lately about activating the prospects that are all around you.

(Here’s my recent video on the subject)

In fact in my recent Virtual Content Camp, participants generated a campaign idea that will lead to the crux of their new marketing campaigns.

I talk about the marketing campaign as your tool to “activate” clients.  It’s the thing you do to move them into action.

A Connected Marketing Campaign, which I’ve been teaching about, is a series of messages around a central theme to which you are connected passionately and energetically.  You know the message, it’s unique to you, and personally meaningful.  I’ve built my business this way, by paying close attention to the conversations within and around me, and connecting them to results for my clients and prospects (including free content marketing like you’re reading here).

When you get the right message, people take action.  They reach out and connect to you, they reply to your emails and comment on your Facebook posts.

And when they do, do you know what to do with them?

When you get the right marketing message are you able to turn them into paying clients?

Here are a few tips for turning activated prospects into paying clients:

Know where you’re taking them
Your marketing campaign should lead naturally into an offering that solves the problem you’ve been talking about in the campaign. It’s important to plan this out in advance so that you don’t lead people to get present to a pain or desire and not help them solve it! You want to have the solution bundled into a package at the right price point and right timeframe to make it easy for them to say yes.
Know how to “sell”
I believe that selling is nothing more than helping to identify the natural alignment that already exists between what you offer and what the prospect needs. If you don’t know how to convert your activated prospects into paying clients, you’ve done a whole lot of work for no return. But worse, you’ve made your followers aware of something they need and left them with a gaping wound that you’re not willing to address!
Know when to end the cycle
A Connected Marketing Campaign connects to your energy and the Universal energy, or the trends happening all around you in a specific moment or period in time. When the energy shifts, it’s time to move to a new campaign. It’s “played out.” You might still offer and sell the same solution, but you’ll need a new path to activate people. Continuing to do the same thing when that problem has already been addressed in that way means your message will fall flat. Embrace the cycle.

I was speaking recently with someone who wanted to map out the details of a Connected Marketing Campaign.  I asked, “Where are you leading them?” and she wasn’t sure.  I asked, “What is the last thing you sold,” and she hadn’t sold anything recently.

Well, we can activate all the people in the world to connect with you, but if you don’t know what to offer to help them, and you don’t have that solid confidence that you can help discern if your offer is right for them and make a sale, it will make no difference.

I’ve seen countless people spend weeks (I did it once!) writing marketing campaigns that ultimately get no results because even if they pique a prospect’s interest, the business owner doesn’t know how to help them actually part with their money so they can solve their problem.

When you get so skilled at sales that you know you’ll help prospects make the right decision FOR THEM every time, you know your Connected Marketing Campaign will yield breakthrough results!


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