Your Business.
On a Mission.
Phoenix, AZ January 21-22, 2013

Let’s make this the year you do things differently!

You’ve been plugging away at your business for awhile now – learning how to do marketing, exploring your message, and raising your rates just a bit here and there.

And either you’ve been hustling and pushing to get your current results and you’re tired. Or you’re getting lesser results than you’d like because you have trouble deciding which message to move forward with, so you’re relying on old methods like finding clients one-by-one at networking events or through cold calls.

I have been there. I’ve had the moments where I wondered if I was doing something wrong, and the times where I thought I might just throw in the towel on the whole “marketing thing” and just go “find clients.”

They lasted just a short time, and I set those thoughts aside, but the thoughts made times tough.

What did I do to set the thoughts aside?

I asked what I often ask to guide my business. I asked myself/ spirit, “What’s the opportunity here.” And then I paid attention.

If you pay attention the answer always appears.

And what I learned in that journey is exactly what I’m going to share with you and help you to do for yourself in my upcoming Aligned Marketing Retreat.

You can read more about it at

We don’t pay attention to what we are actually being led to do in our marketing for one of three reasons:

  1. We are too busy doing what we think we “should” be doing that we don’t notice our TRUE message trying to emerge.
  2. It’s outside of our awareness. The message might be something so innovative and new that we rule it out or don’t notice it’s coming to us – we can’t recognize it without help.
  3. We don’t want to see it! Perhaps the message we’re meant to share in our next marketing campaign actually scares us because it’s a point of view that is new or emerging, and we’re not quite sure how it will be received. OR, we have to actually make changes in our own lives to be in alignment with it, and that is scary!

The reason you are missing the exact right marketing campaign that will really hit home (My last one generated 6 figures with a few emails and a great idea!) makes no difference. But the point is, if you are hustling and pushing your marketing, it is likely less than effective, and not a lot of fun for you.

Struggle is simply a signal that we’re resisting something that is trying to come into our world.

Let’s get together in January for this intimate Aligned Marketing Retreat, and I will personally help you to discern the most powerful, effective, and profitable message for your next marketing campaign. AND, I’ll teach you how to create Connected Marketing Campaigns all year long. Your results will never be the same and you won’t look back.

It’s time to step up and align with your TRUTH in your MARKETING and your results!

CLICK HERE to read more and register to spend two days with me in January.

Your pre-work will start right away so we have you primed and ready to innovate when we’re together in Phoenix!

If you know this is right for you, don’t let anything stop you from stepping up and making marketing magic!


P.S. Please email Support @ if you have any questions as to whether this program is right for you!

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