Hi this is Darla LeDoux of Aligned Entrepreneurs. And welcome to today’s Alignment Ask. Today’s question is actually requested to be anonymous.

“I feel like I am great at identifying and connecting with my ideal clients. But I have a hard time translating a conversation into a sales call. How can I direct the initial conversation into setting up a consult or a sales call?”

What a phenomenal question. It’s actually probably one of the most important questions people can ask, and I hear it a lot actually.

So there are two main ways when you’re having a conversation with someone, two things to keep in mind, that will allow you to discern if they might be your right client and direct them into a sales call.

The first is your energy. What is the energy that you hold when you are in this conversation and connecting with people? So first of all you’ve got to be in alignment with the work you do, understanding the clients and understanding your value. And then you’ve got to signal to them through the way you carry yourself and through the behaviors you have, that you are someone that can help them.

Wallace Wattles talks about this as the “impression of increase.” So you’ve got to BE in your life, walking through life as someone who gives the impression of increase. Because everybody is looking to increase and we are constantly assessing each other, right? Saying, “Can that person help me get to where I want to go or not?” So that is an inside job around how you carry yourself, how you present yourself, the thoughts that are in your mind. That’s the first piece, and the most important piece.

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