I remember when I was a kid, the kid who was overweight starting at 5 years old, my mom would frequently comment about other people’s weight in a way that said, “how much they weigh is a signal of how happy they are.”

This irritated me, since I was not a small child.

Over time I did, however, start to notice that she might have been on to something.
This is not about weight, specifically, but about beauty.

Have you ever noticed people in your life suddenly looking better – more beautiful – when they start to change other things in their life? Maybe it coincides with a change in how they are being.

Out of Alignment

I saw this picture of me recently that was taken in a corporate training program several years ago. I look as if I was trying to hide – grey clothing, bangs, glasses. I was not aligned with the role I was in, for sure.

Here’s my point.

When we are in alignment – when our “insides match our outsides,” it shines through (at any weight). When we are connected to and passionate about what we are up to, we SHOW UP as us, 100%. And who we really are is always beautiful. Always.

Thomas Troward says that we do not sufficiently direct our thoughts of beauty, but tend to regard it as a superficial thing. He says:

“Beauty is the externalization of harmony. Harmony is the coordinated working of the powers of being, both in the individual and in the relation of the individual to the infinite from which it springs.”

Troward also says:

“Wherever we find beauty, we may infer an enormous reserve of power behind it. In fact, we may look upon it as the visible expression of the great truth that life power is infinite.”

Why do I share this?

You will have, perhaps, noticed that in your own life and business as you grow, you begin to be drawn toward greater beauty. OR, on the flip side, you may have a judgment of those who pursue beauty as “wrong” or superficial.

Consider Troward’s words and ask yourself – might I be getting in the way of my own power by avoiding being the true beauty that I am?

Jealous of Beauty

There was a time when I would see beautiful things in the world and then feel upset that I hadn’t created them myself. I love furniture, and I wanted to design it. I love art, and I wanted to be able to paint it. Rather than enjoy the beauty around me, I used it as a reason to get upset with myself.

Then I shifted my point of view. I began to admire and appreciate the talent of others, and I drew more and more beauty in to my life.

Be Willing to be Beautiful

Most of us have stories about who we are and how beautiful we believe we are or aren’t. Some of us try not to be beautiful intentionally. Others worry so much about being beautiful, they struggle to have the “insides match the outsides.”

I’ve, personally, transformed my own willingness to be beautiful in my own life through the growth of my business. It’s all connected… as you get further into alignment, you become more beautiful, like it or not!

How might you increase your own power by embracing beauty – yours and that of others? Uplevel your wardrobe. Treat yourself to a cut AND color. Buy a piece of art, or a new plant. Paint a wall in your office. Let your power shine through!

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