In this post I am playing around with a new idea – to post a perspective of something going on currently in the news/ in society according to “Energy Leadership” and the 7 Levels of Energy.  Some of you may know that I am a certified “Energy Leadership Master Practitioner.”  What does that mean?  Well, I am highly trained in a concept developed by Bruce D Schneider of iPEC Coaching, which looks at the way we are in life and essentially rates our tendencies, or perspectives, on a 7-point scale, with the lowest being victim thinking and majorly judgmental, and the highest being complete non-judgment, objective thinking, and pure passion.  (You can learn more on my main website, or at

I thought it could be interesting to just blog about this once a week in a feature I like to call “7 Level Sunday!” 🙂  (Do I sound like a talk show host?)  OK, so let me tell you a little about the seven levels, this week through the filter of starting a new year.  Bruce says that no word, or idea, itself holds energy, but rather the energy comes from the intention behind it.  Let’s see, how to approach?  First an overview of the levels:

Level 1 – Victim; Apathy; Lethargy – I Lose (woe is me)

Level 2 – Conflict; Anger; Defiance – You Lose (because that is the only way for me to win)

Level 3 – Responsibility; Forgiveness; Cooperation – I win (And I don’t care whether you win)

Level 4 – Concern; Compassion; Service – You Win

Level 5 – Reconciliation; Peace; Acceptance – Seek the True Win-Win

Level 6 – Synthesis; Joy; Connection – We are connected and we all always win

Level 7 – Non-judgement; Absolute Passion; Creation – Winning and Losing are Illusions

OK, so don’t worry if it doesn’t make complete sense, there is a lot to it, and this is an experiment.  You can, of course, work with a certified Energy Leadership coach (like me) and take an assessment to measure your energetic default tendencies and learn more.  Or you can read Bruce’s book “Energy Leadership” (phenomenal), or you can tune in here every Sunday, provided my experiment goes well!

OK, so it’s obviously a new year.  I was talking with a friend about how much I like a fresh, new year, filled with possibility.  Her response was to say that she does not feel that way – she actually sees a new year as a burden – “it makes me feel like I have to do something with it.”  This made me think, we could apply the 7 levels to a fresh, new year.


A Level 1 New Year:  At this level, I would be thinking of the new year as another year I need to survive, I would probably expect bad things to happen to me, and I would assume that nothing is really going to change for the better this year vs. last.  I probably don’t make resolutions, or at least not any that I intend to keep because I would know that something would surely come up to get in the way, so why bother?  I probably don’t engage in conversations with others about the new year if I can help it, because it just reinforces my sense of powerlessness, and makes me feel sorry for the people who get all optimistic – what’s the point?  They are wasting their time.

A Level 2 New Year:  At Level 2 I have a little more energy, and may be somewhat motivated by the new year… I think “Perhaps this year I will win,” however, I expect it to be a fight.  I may make resolutions from a standpoint of the things I want to do to get ahead this year, but may feel a little less than motivated because I think that I HAVE to do something to stay ahead, or afloat, or to keep from falling behind this year.  Every year is a struggle to maintain in a dog-eat-dog world, and while this can be motivating, it can also be overwhelming and feel like a lot of pressure.  My sense is that my friend I mentioned was coming from level 2, with a little level 1 thrown in.

A Level 3 New Year:  At Level 3 I would be looking for the opportunity in a new year.  I may be interested in making some changes, doing things “better” than last year, and may even be thinking about resolving past conflicts that I had been meaning to deal with.  The energy of a new year can cause me to take action at this level, and I will likely make serious strides toward keeping my resolutions.  My goal is to win, and I will do what it takes, but I will probably find it to be a battle of will within myself to find the drive to keep going.  Overall I am optimistic about the new year, but the little voice in my head knows that I generally don’t stay here too long before I drop back to a lower level.

A Level 4 New Year:  At Level 4 I am looking for all of the ways in which I can be of service this year.  I have a lot of energy for the difference I am going to make, and I am hoping that I can make it all happen.  I probably set more goals than I am likely to attain, but because they come from a place of service, I don’t mind – I am very willing to push myself to the limit to try to make it happen.  I may also be seeking out ways to support others in accomplishing their goals this year.  Because my goals are other-directed, I am probably not making resolutions that are just for myself unless I tie them to how they will ultimately help others.  (E.g. if I lose weight I can play with my kids, etc.)

A Level 5 New Year:  I think my response to the new year is a level 5 – limitless possibilities.  Now, I am certainly not saying that I am always at Level 5 (I wish!), but a new year triggers the Level 5 in me.  At this level, I am looking for ways to create new opportunities for myself and for others in the new year. I have an abundance of ideas, and may have trouble choosing an area of focus, but that doesn’t worry me just yet.  As I want others to win as well, I may bounce my ideas off of others, and be open to having other people contribute to my ideas for the new year.  I may start some sort of new, empowering, mutually beneficial group, activity, or project in combination with others.  If I set goals in areas like fitness, I may enroll others to to do it with me so we can support one another as well.

A Level 6 New Year:  At this level I feel intimately connected to other people, and have an extremely positive outlook on life.  In my world there is no good or bad, right or wrong, life simply is.  I am not trying to get somewhere, but rather I enjoy the process, so my goals for the year are probably not in the form of outcomes, as in “lose weight” or “change jobs,” but rather in the form of an experience – “be loving” or “be peaceful.”  I am not likely concerned about what other people have set for their goals, I assume that everyone is on their own right path and I appreciate them as they are.  I don’t really put too much focus on a new year, because I don’t judge my prior year as good or bad, and I am constantly enjoying the moment so time is not really important.  I will be whatever way I am this year, and I was the way I was last year – no concerns.

A Level 7 New Year:  As with level 6, at level 7 I am not concerned about the start of the new year.  In fact, time is completely irrelevant to me and holds none of my energy.  I may look forward to creating something from nothing this year, but I don’t really look forward to that any more than I look forward to any routine tasks around the house – whatever I am doing in the moment holds my complete focus, so I may find myself saying “What New Year?”

As you can see, the level at which we approach anything completely affects our views, our actions, and even how we treat other people.  No particular level is the “right” place to be, and they each have benefits of downfalls, however, we will generally have more joy and happiness when we choose higher level outlooks on life.  I, personally, enjoy the process and excitement of creating a whole new year, so I think I will stick with Level 5.  While do like the idea of keeping in mind a Level 6 outlook, and realizing that this year is no more important than any other year, it just is, I still want to hold on to my idea of time for now! 🙂

Please let me know if you like “7 Level Sunday” and would like to hear more.  Happy New Year everyone!

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