Busy But Unfocused, Waiting for the Shoe To Drop!

The phone rings.

It’s your mother. She needs a ride to her doctor’s appointment and your sister was supposed to take her but she flaked out again.

Looks like it will be up to you. Again.

And you had really been committed to finally getting your blog up and running today. I guess it will have to wait.

You’ve chosen one of your marketing strategies – speaking.

You even took a class on it.

So you are all geared up to start booking your speaking gigs. You make your first call – they are booked until next January and they need you to send a speakers reel. Well, how are you supposed to have that- you just started?!

You do some dishes, fold some laundry, and gear up for call two.

This organization only allows their members to speak. Membership is $500 and you have to visit a meeting twice before you can join.

Your immediate next thought: “Nothing ever works out for me.”

And you file away speaking as a strategy that ‘doesn’t work,’ and decide you’ll just go back to Facebook instead.

Little did you know that the third organization on your list had their speaker cancel and you could have taken the stage next week.

But you quit.

If either of these scenarios sounds like you, you might have a default tendency to be a “Circumstance Cindy.”

Circumstance Cindy is the first of our profiles, and she resides at the lowest energy state – victim. (Everybody has a little bit of Cindy in them, so you’re best served to be honest about it!)

Cindy can be very busy and active and appear to be productive, but when the rubber meets the road, she will give up on whatever was her focus if something comes up to distract her or discourage her.

Her pervasive filter in life is, “I Lose.”

No matter what happens in life, Cindy will interpret it through the filter of looking for how it represents a loss, a defeat, or an injustice against her. As result of this thought process, because what we focus on grows, she creates more and more opportunities to be disappointed.

It’s not her fault! (But it is her responsibility). Cindy grew up in a household in which she was continually disappointed. She possibly had to hide out to stay safe, and certainly never got the opportunity to make decisions or be heard. It’s a pattern to look for what others want and give it to them, rather than looking within.

This shows up in her business in several ways.

  1. Sales: She’ll let the prospect lead the conversation about what they need, and will believe them when they share the reasons they can’t buy.
  2. Marketing: She’ll be inconsistent because she’ll stop what she’s doing whenever something else comes in that gets her attention.
  3. Point of View: It will be vague because she’s afraid to offend anybody. She’s a people pleaser at heart, who never truly feels as if she’s pleasing anybody. She’ll sell out on her real perspective in favor of the advice of someone she perceives to know better.
  4. Support: Virtually non-existent. She tends to support everyone else and put your own dreams last, waiting for someone to approve of your ideas in order to act.
  5. Energy: Scattered, busy, unfocused, hesitant, uncertain, helpful, pleasing.

If you recognize yourself in Cindy, I’ve got a couple of answers for you. 1) Get clear about what you are committed to, put it in writing, and follow through no matter what. Even if it is the “wrong” plan, knowing yourself as someone who says it and makes it happen will change everything about your level of personal power. 2) Stay tuned in to this series as we go up the energy spectrum and look for a “Profit Style” that inspires you to show up differently!

The Profit Styles™

This article is about one of a series of profiles that I’ve coined the “Profit Styles™.” They correspond to the different levels of energy to which we have access as human beings. Our thoughts create our feelings and our feelings generate our actions and our results. Our thoughts can resonate at 7 distinct levels (taken from the Energy Leadership Index™ developed by Bruce D. Schneider, and as outlined in the book Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins) that dictate how we observe and respond to business and life. Our default tendency literally impacts us at a cellular level, and we gravitate toward people or situations that reflect our prevailing thought process. We all have access to all 7 levels, and by bringing them to conscious awareness, you have the power to shift to a new level at any given time. Our default levels are always the source of our business results. Always.

To inquire about taking the formal Profit Styles Index assessment, please email Support@AlignandProfit.com!


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