Allowing connection and trusting your gut

You have chosen to sponsor an event and have crafted a message you are really excited about based on your own inner knowing about what your ideal clients need. During the event you have prospects coming up to you and telling you that they need something different.

You smile because you know that the old you would have worried about getting it wrong. But instead you stay focused on what you know to be true, and you challenge their thinking with, “You know, in my experience, people often think they need that, but really they need this.”

This redirection doesn’t come from ego or a need to be right, but rather a knowing that if this person came into your booth, they are resonating with you for a reason. They need what you have to offer. Coming from that place gives you tremendous power in the conversation. (You love how this works over the phone too!)

You are an event attendee and you begin to realize how many potential Joint Venture partners, people who you can partner with for mutual benefit, are in the room. You couldn’t possibly work with all of them! So you pause and ground yourself, and commit to paying attention to your gut feel as you talk with each person, and know you will honor the vibe you get to help you choose your next actions.

As you do this, you suddenly notice someone across the room that you recognize from online. Your gut begins to scream to you, “go to talk to them!” Your logic begins to tell you all the reasons why they wouldn’t want to talk, the partnership doesn’t make sense, and you should just keep to yourself. But you know you need to trust your gut, and you set aside your rational mind long enough to have the conversation and see what unfolds. The conversation is life changing for both of you.

If these scenarios activate your gut and inspire you toward who you want to be in the world, Connection Connie may be your Profit Style™.

Connie represents the 6th level of energy, and is a highly constructive place to be. Connie allows “miracles” to happen on a regular basis by opening her awareness to new opportunity.

Connie’s general filter in life is one of, “we are all always winning.” Because of this, she is never stopped by a thought of what’s wrong, and she doesn’t assign a “bad” meaning to anything that happens in her world.

Connie has a belief that we are all energetically connected, therefore she knows that if SHE grows, the people around her grow by default. This allows her to relax into her work, without feeling the need to change the entire world…she just changes her world.

The belief in connection also allows Connie to trust that she will connect with the right clients at the right time, and if she is not connecting with clients, it is not the time. This knowing allows her to move through the cycles in her business without fear.

Because Connie resides in an energy state of love (loving others = loving herself based on her belief system), she is an open conduit for her intuition, spirit, or source to speak to her. This may show up in a variety of ways – it is important to know the way your intuition communicates with you – but she is at peace because she knows she will always be aware of what to do next.

* Please note that while this sounds fantastic, our society is not built around honoring the gut feel. We are taught that we have to explain and justify our decisions. When you begin to shift into your gut knowing, people will question you!

Here are the ways that Connection Connie shows up in specific areas of business:

  1. Sales: Her deep inner knowing that the people she speaks with about her services have connected with her for a reason allows her to be clear and powerful in sales conversations. She knows that whether someone chooses yes or know, it will lead to growth for them, because we are all always winning.
  2. Marketing: Her message will have a point of view which is true to her, however each marketing campaign may shift focus as she is led in her messaging by Spirit or intuition about the specific needs of her people. She intuits when to communicate and how, and her messaging can often be innovative.
  3. Point of View: Similar to above, her Point of View is foundationally solid and the specifics of how it gets expressed will shift over time . There is no risk in her mind so she is OK with pushing boundaries.
  4. Support: She truly believes we are all always winning in life, and that belief allows her to attract great support in all areas of her life. People love to be around her and are inspired by her calm, grounded, and steady nature. She collaborates with her team for the growth of all, and knows “mistakes” don’t exist – it’s always an opportunity for growth!
  5. Energy: Calm, centered, grounded, loving, peaceful, uplifting, inspiring, innovative, interesting, inviting, mysterious.

Here’s the thing, if Connection Connie really resonates for you, it will take some intention to call her forth when things are hard or scary. Because most people revert back to their default in those times, which, for 99% of us causes us to quit (remember Circumstance Cindy, Patty Proven, and Accepting Annie?) We’ve got to respond in a new way consistently to Align for Profit!

Here’s what to do: 1) Reprogram the root story (The Profit Style Index can help you to do this), 2) Always take a moment to remember what you’re really committed to before acting, and 3) Create an environment that reminds you of this commitment. This could be as simple as a post-it note that reminds you to “honor your gut” today.

Now go make powerful connections that transform the world!

The Profit Styles™

This article is about one of a series of profiles that I’ve coined the “Profit Styles™.” They correspond to the different levels of energy to which we have access as human beings. Our thoughts create our feelings and our feelings generate our actions and our results. Our thoughts can resonate at 7 distinct levels (taken from the Energy Leadership Index™ developed by Bruce D. Schneider, and as outlined in the book Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins) that dictate how we observe and respond to business and life. Our default tendency literally impacts us at a cellular level, and we gravitate toward people or situations that reflect our prevailing thought process. We all have access to all 7 levels, and by bringing them to conscious awareness, you have the power to shift to a new level at any given time. Our default levels are always the source of our business results. Always.

To inquire about taking the formal Profit Styles Index assessment, please email!


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