Positive, Productive, and “I can do that better than you!”

Your new person on your support team was supposed to complete that task by noon today and you’ve heard nothing. You think about getting upset, but you know that’s not helpful, so instead you think about how you can take responsibility for that not getting done.

Perhaps you weren’t clear about your instruction?

Also, you did see on facebook that her mother is sick. Surely there is some reason she’s performing like this, because you’d feel bad to think that she just sucks at her job. I guess you’ll just take that project back – you’ll probably do it better anyway!

You do a teleclass that you worked really hard on. You created brilliant content. You promoted it to your list, and you even got friends and partners to promote it.

And people registered, and some even made the call live. But no one bought anything from you or took you up on your free offer. In retrospect, you may have been kinda wishy-washy about your offer, but hey, if they can’t see the value, they must not be the right people. Check that one off your list.

And off you go to create a whole new plan and execute it with a frenzy!

If either of these scenarios sound like you, you might be an Accepting Annie.

Annie represents “Level 3” energy, and is the “come on, you can do it” type of person – especially when she’s cheering on herself.  She will have a tendency to justify and rationalize the way things are, so she can explain them away sufficiently so that they don’t stop her.  Her primary goal is being productive, which is how she measures success.  She won’t allow herself to get sucked in to anybody else’s stuff that might weigh her down.

Her primarily filter is, “I win.”

She might be constantly on the lookout for people she can meet that she thinks can help her win.  But beyond the connections she thinks she needs, Annie feels pretty much on her own.  She wants to take on the world, and because she tends to believe that if it is to be done right, she needs to do it, she will not invite in new ideas or people to truly support her.  In fact, her tendency to rationalize why people are the way they are keeps her from getting what she needs.

Annie may seem a bit aloof or even arrogant.  She’s that person who impresses you with all she gets done, yet secretly feel sorry for her for taking on so much.  She’s got that “can do” exterior, but exhaustion in her eyes.

As with all of the avatars, it’s not her fault!  (But it is her responsibility).  Annie likely was raised in a household in which her feelings were not acknowledged.  She was rewarded for being the bigger person, finding a way to move ahead, and for producing.  She may have saw her parents modeling the same behaviors of explaining away issues in the world and keeping their chin up.

Annie may be at times perplexed by other people and why they would engage in drama and struggle in life, and this can serve to keep her a bit detached as well.

This shows up in her business in several ways.

  1. Sales: She creates a safe and accepting space for people, and can be known to say, “I understand,” when she hears the prospect’s pain.  She takes pride in “figuring out” what’s going on with them, which doesn’t necessarily translate into helping them!  She’d rather be able to understand them, than sell to them in the not knowing.
  2. Marketing: She’ll be frequent, consistent in her timing, but possibly inconsistent in messaging.  Because she is looking to be productive, she won’t miss a beat, but she will be focused on whatever message the person in front of her needs to hear.  She may lose track of her point of view.
  3. Point of View: She probably doesn’t know her clear point of view, for a few reasons.  1) It might feel unproductive to take time to figure it out. 2) She thinks she knows best so she doesn’t ask for help, and it is very hard to see one’s true point of view from within one’s pre-existing filters. 3) The most powerful points of view come from really digging up the crap from the past, and Annie doesn’t like the vulnerability this entails.
  4. Support: She is on her own wavelength, moving ahead at rapid speed, and she doesn’t believe anyone can really keep up, and so expects very little from the people around her.  She’ll get support to aid in her productivity, but never feels truly supported.
  5. Energy: Happy, upbeat, positive, motivated, accepting, preoccupied, busy, productive.

If you recognize yourself in Annie, I’ve got a couple of answers for you. 1) Practice looking at life through this filter: “What if other people were capable and motivated, and actually could do it better than I can?”  2) Practice identifying how you actually feel in response to a situation, vs. immediately going to the “happy place,” and see how this could help you to be more powerful. 3) Stay tuned in to this series as we go up the energy spectrum and look for a “Profit Style” that inspires you to show up differently!

The Profit Styles™

This article is about one of a series of profiles that I’ve coined the “Profit Styles™.” They correspond to the different levels of energy to which we have access as human beings. Our thoughts create our feelings and our feelings generate our actions and our results. Our thoughts can resonate at 7 distinct levels (taken from the Energy Leadership Index™ developed by Bruce D. Schneider, and as outlined in the book Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins) that dictate how we observe and respond to business and life. Our default tendency literally impacts us at a cellular level, and we gravitate toward people or situations that reflect our prevailing thought process. We all have access to all 7 levels, and by bringing them to conscious awareness, you have the power to shift to a new level at any given time. Our default levels are always the source of our business results. Always.

To inquire about taking the formal Profit Styles Index assessment, please email Support@AlignandProfit.com!


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