Looking to Grow What’s Right

You’re at a networking event for business owners. At your table you overhear someone talking about one of their “competitors” in the room with a sharp air of judgment.

This takes you aback because you don’t believe in competition. In fact you love to get to know people who do what you do and learn from them.

As this person turns their attention to you and begins a conversation, you know you need to shift their energy if they are going to be talking to you! You don’t make them wrong or correct them. You realize they must be feeling insecure to behave that way, so you begin to build them up. You complement their business card and their courage as an entrepreneur. They visibly relax and become curious about you!

You’ve had a steady flow of clients and cash for the last several months – Yay!

Your client connection and activation strategies have been working predictably, and you’ve been in the flow.

Then suddenly things stop working. You look at your cash flow report and you see a shortfall ahead. You don’t panic, however. Well, maybe for a minute. Then you shift your thought and begin to get excited. You ask yourself, “What’s the opportunity here?” Because you know, without a doubt that if something begins to fall away, there’s something greater in store for you.

Rather than indulging worry and fear, you begin to look with excitement for signals about what needs to change to get you into alignment with your new level of growth!

If these scenarios light you up and speak to the heart of who you want to be in the world, Empowering Emily may be your Profit Style™.

Emily represents the 5th level of energy and is a highly constructive place to be!

Emily is committed to looking for what’s right in the world, and in individuals. She’s aware that what we focus on grows, so she wants to focus on the best.

When “bad” things happen, she doesn’t dwell on them – but rather looks for the opportunity or the lesson that the situation provides.

Emily’s pervasive filter is one of “win-win”. She loves to collaborate with others to discover better solutions and looks to lift others, and herself in the process.

Emily has a belief that all people are fully capable of solving their own problems and making their own decisions so she looks to empower rather than help. This gives her great strength in a sales conversation.

  1. Sales: She is committed to empowering people to make a decision Yes or No, without attachment to the outcome. She’s having them choose as a win-win, even if they choose not to work with her, because any active decision is empowering, but, indecision is self-abuse.
  2. Marketing: She is consistent in her marketing and always provides opportunities for action (sales) as she knows this empowers people to make decisions and move ahead (unsubscribe is a valid decision!).
  3. Point of View: Emily has a clear point of view that is hers, uniquely, and she’s not afraid to share it! She knows that the more bold she is in her point of view (POV), the more empowered people will be to either lover her or hate her!
  4. Support: She loves having a team support her and bring their own unique genius to the table so you can create even better results. She looks for team members to bring their best self. She attracts personal support who gives her lots of space to be her!
  5. Energy: Happy, powerful, committed, expressive, challenging, inviting, inspiring, innovative.

Here’s the thing, if Empowering Emily really resonates for you, it will take some intention to call her forth, even when things are hard or scary. Because most people revert back to their default in those times, which, for 99% of us causes us to quit (remember Circumstance Cindy, Patty Proven, and Accepting Annie?) We’ve got to respond in a new way consistently to Align for Profit!

Here’s what to do: 1) Reprogram the root story (The Profit Style Index can help you to do this), 2) Always take a moment to remember what you’re really committed to before acting, and 3) Create an environment that reminds you of this commitment. This could be as simple as a post-it note that reminds you to “look for what’s right” today.

Now go out and empower your world!

The Profit Styles™

This article is about one of a series of profiles that I’ve coined the “Profit Styles™.” They correspond to the different levels of energy to which we have access as human beings. Our thoughts create our feelings and our feelings generate our actions and our results. Our thoughts can resonate at 7 distinct levels (taken from the Energy Leadership Index™ developed by Bruce D. Schneider, and as outlined in the book Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins) that dictate how we observe and respond to business and life. Our default tendency literally impacts us at a cellular level, and we gravitate toward people or situations that reflect our prevailing thought process. We all have access to all 7 levels, and by bringing them to conscious awareness, you have the power to shift to a new level at any given time. Our default levels are always the source of our business results. Always.

To inquire about taking the formal Profit Styles Index assessment, please email Support@AlignandProfit.com!


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