A theme I notice among my very brilliant and motivated clients is an extreme resistance to saying no to others, or an extremely reliance on on the opinions of others as gold.  They might have a brilliant idea in their business, or a marketing line that really speaks to them, and they will walk away from it because someone wrinkles their nose.  They may have a clear vision of where they want to go in life, and then someone will invite them to do something else, and they will be quickly derailed.  It could be as simple as accepting an invite to a party at which they will be around the types of people who drain their energy, or as major as joining a project or even a company that is not in line with their purpose.  It is easy to get derailed when we have a commitment to making others happy.

Are you more committed to pleasing others?  How does that show up in your life?  Where did you develop that commitment?  When will you let it go in favor of your dreams?

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