Times are changing in the world of personal growth and online marketing. As an intuitive leader, you can feel it. You likely sense the things that no longer feel aligned, or can feel when an approach no longer holds its energy.

But what do you do about that?

You’re not alone in your question.

Knowing you feel called to do something differently, and actually doing it, are two different things.

It’s so easy to pause for approval or look for validation. I know I’ve done it!

I’ve followed the ‘rules,’ and broken them, enough times to see the patterns of what works and what doesn’t.

It’s never about the specific strategy, but rather about the energy behind the strategy. It’s about the alignment.

I’ve done things differently and had them work beautifully in a way that the rule-following approach simply didn’t… I’m talking magic! I’ve also taken chances that didn’t work so well.

It is challenging to know whether your off-beat ideas hold the energy you want if you’re working in a vacuum. We need to throw them out and let them interact with the world to get a true read on what’s aligned (and what is the small voice creating rabbit holes of distraction).

I often do this by executing ideas to see how they fly… the results reflect the alignment.

But what if there were an easier way?

Such that you could know, in your bones, that your idea holds the exact energy you want to create in the world, before investing into executing it?

The experience of our upcoming Badass Leaders Align retreat will allow you to do just that.

We’ve crafted the full two days as an experience from start to finish that tunes you in to the energy of your personal truth and guides you to create from that energy.

We’ve gathered a room of other innovators who will walk beside you on that journey as you explore the way you’d REALLY like to do business, and feel the resonance in the room, such that you know which ideas are aligned before you leave. The opportunity for this level of conversation, which is like built in market research for innovators, is absolutely priceless.

(Especially when one of the peers in the room is Elizabeth Gilbert!)

We are moving into an era where the magic formulas are going to stop working (many of the industry leaders are already seeing this happen).

Our clients are more savvy and our job on the planet as transformational leaders has been elevated. We must rise to meet it.

To do this we must be willing to go uncharted.

To trust our divine guidance and heart’s callings so boldly that we are giving rise to a new energy whose ripple effect is undeniable.

To trust ourselves to show up fully in our knowing of what matters most to us, even if we haven’t seen others doing it first.

And to know that ultimately freedom is in the release of our illusion of control.

We’ll be experiencing this together at Badass Leaders Align, and charting our soul’s path rather than our ego’s.

It is the most badass thing we can do.

And it takes strength to do it together.

For those of you who are registered, know that you’ve made a decision that will alter your course if you’ve been feeling off track, or strengthen your resolve if your mission feels strong.

The entire retreat is build on a foundation of going uncharted and doing things differently. There is nothing typical about this event, and I’m personally on the edge of my seat for what we’re creating, as I can feel that the outcome will be beyond what I can even see.

And the innovator in me knows that is the way the best stuff gets created, and I’m thrilled for that!

It pays to go uncharted. Let’s go all in and see the dividends unfold!


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