A quick post today – many are stored up for when I am finally finished unpacking!

For now, here is a photo of an incredibly happy young version of me which I found in the move.  I thought it represents how I feel this week as I think about the AMAZINGLY NICE service providers I have been attracting in this move.  I “teach” a lot about energy and choosing to come from a place of love and passion rather than fear and scarcity.  I have been truly practicing making decisions that way over the course of this move (e.g. I ordered a washer and dryer from the first place I found on Craig’s list that met all my criteria – quick and easy- didn’t even leave the house!) and I have been rewarded with awesome people.  The nicest movers on the planet, the best delivery guy, the most friendly cashiers at my local Meijer, which I ran to frequently for things I needed.  Nice attracts nice.  Expect the best, and there they are all around you!  A much different energy than a lot of people bring to moving.  I am so grateful.

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