I love my mom.

I don’t love how she parented me.

In fact I have invested loads of time and quite a bit of money undoing the beliefs I created as a result of my early childhood.

I simply did not feel safe.

As I’ve peeled back the layers of the beliefs I inherited from her, and what she modeled with my father and others, I have become more and more free.

This past year was a doozie.

Early in the year I became aware of some new truths about my upbringing that I was clearly just now able to see and own.

I would NEVER had become aware of them, by the way, had I not made a big decision in my business that forced me to grow and integrate at a whole new level!

As I became more fiercely committed to my wholeness, I could now see this truth clearly (I’d had foggy memories previously).

One day in meditation I suddenly could see this lie, and then another and another, unfolding in front of me and wrapping into a big ole ball. I got the phrase ‘ball of lies.’

There was a big ole ball o’ lies that was my childhood.

Not all of it.

But it was a way of moving around, past, and over things in life that was modeled to me.


It’s no wonder I am such an advocate for #Truth.

As I began to see this new layer of truth, I could see the depths of my experience of betrayal of my youth, my innocence, my childhood.

Thankfully (with the support of MY coach), I made a fierce decision. To be my own mama.

Now, I had done to date years of mindset work and flown around the globe to heal my inner child, to integrate my shadow self. I walk my talk.

And here in these simple words, “be my own mama,” I began a whole new journey. I became fiercely committed to the type of boundaries a loving and healthy mom would set for her child, with plenty of space to embrace my self-expression, and specific boundaries that create a sense of safety for my sensitive soul.

MY rules for motherhood freaking ROCK! Who knew I deserved such love!? (I DO NOW!!)

But the journey didn’t start there.

I would have dismissed this work were it not for identifying with total clarity the Truth of what I call “my old, tired, path.” This is my access point to shadow work that has freed me and hundreds of others who have taken my alignment retreats and private work.

Without clearly seeing the lies, I’d had no access point to defining the Truth, until that moment. Without the big decision in my business that caused me to step into my growth, I had no reason to see it.

And it only got my attention because I hit a particular sticking point on that journey. It was the perfect “divine shit storm” that had me see the new Truth.

I’m a fan of not waiting for the shit storm, but instead creating the opportunity for Truth to appear in a more gracious way.

This is why the work in my ALIGNED retreats is an orchestrated co-creation between you, me, and Spirit to help reveal truth with grace and ease.

OR, if you’ve already committed to uplevel and the divine shit storm has struck, it will pull the thread of truth out so quickly you’ll be smiling all the way to the bank!

If this sounds like what you need. If you are ready to be your own mama, the fierce protector of boundaries and bringer of love and light, for yourself and your clients, at a whole new level, then check out the links below.

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Links for your convenience:

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