toothpasteWhat is the one thing you must get done tomorrow, BEFORE YOU BRUSH YOUR TEETH?

I have an accountability buddy who I speak with twice a week 😀 .  For a time period she took to holding me accountable for brushing my teeth.  I’d get so caught up in projects for my business that it would be dinner time and I’d recognize I’d forgotten to brush my teeth.  My dental hygiene actually is important to me, but I just had a lot to do!  So I’d get a text from her from time to time in the evening, “did you brush your teeth today?”

I really did need to take time to prioritize this.  But then there is the flip side…

I just got an email from a client, whom I absolutely adore, that said, “I haven’t had time to get back with that person about the contract I sent.”  She is looking to close a big contract with a potential client, and hasn’t had a chance to do it!  Now, I haven’t actually spoken to her, so I am not writing this to her necessarily, I don’t know the details, but it did spark a little rant for me.

What do you need to do tomorrow, that is so important that you’ll do it BEFORE you brush your teeth?

I know that it was not necessarily healthy for me to be so busy working that I ignored basic self care.  That is not what I am committed to.  But I will say that those priorities built a business.

If you are finding infinite numbers of small details of things to perfect (website, email, dishes, laundry, oral hygiene 🙂 ) BEFORE you take the actions that will bring your money, please ask yourself each day – what one thing is so important it would be worth not brushing my teeth for?

Do that thing.  Then brush your teeth.  Thank you.

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