Who I'm BeingAs you may know, I sponsored an event last week in Washington, DC called SEVEN.

I gave out magnets as a gift which said, “It’s not what I’m doing, but who I’m being, that matters most.  In 2011, in my business and my life, I am being __________.  The magnets are dry erase so we can create new possibilities for ways of being every so often.

The key to knowing what to write?

Well, let me tell you what not write.

Do not write “I am confident” to cover up for the fact you don’t feel confident.  It won’t work.  Every time you read it your subconscious mind will reinforce your real feeling, not confident.

Do not write “organized” if the thought of organizing makes you want to vomit.  Each time you pass, you’ll be reminded of your perceived inadequacy.  (You are NOT inadequate, it’s just an old judgment).

In my recent audio, I talked about the idea that we are never effective or fulfilled when we hold onto old attachments to being a certain way, or a long-standing resistance to some way that we are that we’ve judged as bad.  Trying to change these things by creating the opposite, actually creates more of the same energy.

So what do we do?

1)  Ask yourself the following question:  If I already were _________, or if it didn’t matter one bit whether or I not I am _____________, THEN what might be possible for or available to me?  (As a way of being)

Let me give you an example…

If you are someone who has a tendency to strive for perfection in your business and you know it is getting in the way, you might want to create a way of being to free you from that.  If you were to try not to be perfectionistic, you’d still be evaluating everything on the same scale – perfect to not perfect.  You might instead ask yourself, “If I KNEW that eveything I did was absolutely perfect, who would I get to be in life?” or “If I absolutely knew there was no such thing as perfect, what would be possible for me?”  The response might be something like FREEDOM or FLEXIBILITY or VULNERABILITY, or even LOVE.

You could then declare, in my business and my life, I am being Free, Flexible, Vulnerable, and Loving.

2)  You could also find it by answering the following questions (answer before you read ahead):

– What one goal would you most like to achieve?

– By when would you like to achieve it?

– When you reach your goal, what feelings will you experience?

Don’t read further until you have answered.

Seriously, don’t.

Answer really quickly.

RESULTS:  Look at your answer to the third question… your FEELINGS indicate the way of being you want to experience.  Use this in your declaration.  Simple!

As for me, I’ve created being HUNGRY (for growth, for great results), OPEN (to unexpected ideas and opportunities), PLAYFUL (I am always energized by consciously getting off the serious-train), and BOLD (clear, decisive, creating from my future).

What will you create for yourself, as a way of being, this year?

[And if you’d like a magnet mailed to you, provide your address via the contact form before the end of the year.]

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