In line with some of my recent posts, this goes along with the theme of not taking yourself so darn seriously.  “Being Insignificant” is all about recognizing when things, and even when you, are truly not that significant.  I like to say, “you are not significant, but you are important.”  I guess what this means to me is that who you are truly matters, and how you choose to be is important to having a world that works.  AND, at the same time, it is NOT significant.  If you had a chance to make a difference, but you didn’t, there is no need to beat yourself up for this.  There will be another opportunity, or people will survive without your efforts.

There are a few reasons why I felt this was important enough to share:

  • The majority of pain experienced in this world is self-inflicted.  We beat ourselves up over doing or not doing something that could have mattered.  So What?  We gain nothing by inflicting pain on ourselves for a past action.  Nothing.
  • When we are significant, or heavy, about something, the energy we are bringing is also heavy and significant.  When we bring this low energy state to a decision, it is very difficult to access our intuition as our intuition resonates at a higher level of energy.  Being significant does not lead to strong decisions.
  • As discussed above, thinking you are significant, i.e. something can’t happen without you, can lead to taking all kinds of responsibility, the pitfalls of which we have discussed, here.

Keeping this in mind can absolutely help you to increase your experience of freedom.  You want to remember that while you absolutely matter, and who you are in life, your energy, completely affects the world around you, it is also true that life goes on if you don’t show up!  Especially as a high achiever who sees opportunity everywhere, it is important to remember this.  We absolutely MUST accept and release the missed opportunities, or the times we just didn’t bring our full self.  If we don’t, we are carrying around thoughts of inadequacy and feeling as if there is something for which we need to compensate.  Year after year of doing this and we have no freedom to choose something just for the fun of it.   Our mind is clouded with “should” and “must.”  There is no clarity.

•    Where are you bringing a lot of significance to the table?
•    In what situations could you bring a light-hearted viewpoint that would add fun and ease?
•    Where could you forgive yourself for your perceived (they are all only perceived) inadequacies?
•    How might you keep in mind that what you do has a true impact on the world, while remembering it is not so serious?
•    How could this help you have more love in your life – for yourself and others?

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