When I started my business I thought I knew everything. And nothing.

And that is still the case today!

It’s something I see happen to many entrepreneurs who would be vastly successful, if they ever truly opened their mouth.

Woah, wait, hold on… don’t tune me out just yet.

Because you might be saying to yourself, “this one doesn’t apply to me… I have lots of opinions!”

Yes, this is the tricky part. So did I.

And so do my clients.

Do you ever find yourself thinking…

  • I’m not going to take time to share with THAT person because it is probably not a good use of my energy.
  • I’ve got this GREAT IDEA and once I actually do it, it will be awesome. Until then I’ll keep it under wraps.
  • I know what I’m doing in THIS AREA FOR SURE so I won’t ask for help (even though I never seem to be getting it done).
  • I’m not ready for THAT yet, but this feels like a good stepping stone (aka compromise).
  • I won’t launch until it’s REALLY GOOD, better than those other people doing that thing.

Or my favorite one doesn’t even show up as a clear thought, but I’ve been seeing it around lately.

It’s when we oh-so-subtly take into consideration how the people around us would probably want us to do something, and we do it that way without even thinking about it… to make them happy, to make them successful, to not rock the boat… you name it.

And all of these patterns contribute to, you got it, HIDING.

Here’s the good news… you can be successful while hiding.

Here’s the bad news… you can be successful while hiding.

And neither is good and neither is bad, in reality. It just is. Only I believe we are on this planet to experience all kinds of things, first and foremost being fully ourselves. And, ideally, being SEEN and KNOWN (and paid!) for who we are.

And to have that kind of success, you can’t hide.

The issue is, hiding is easy to cover up and tricky to discern. We cover it up by:

  • Believing we know better than to be hiding.
  • Not asking for help.
  • Putting others first (even with a ‘pure’ motivation).
  • Letting others make our decisions.

But the awesome thing is that there is no good or right or better. Or bad or wrong or worse. There is really just belief, and service, and love, and the very good reasons that make us hide to stay safe from a past that no longer exists.

Here’s what succeeding while hiding looks like! =) Enjoy the evolution.

If you can actually create all you can imagine where you are right now, and still know that there is so much further to go, then how happy might you be right now, in this moment?

That’s the adventure of an Aligned Entrepreneur.

darla-88kTHIS GIRL:

Made $88,000 + bonuses in corporate
And started a business at $5 per coaching session.
darla-red-shirtTHIS GIRL:

Brought in $78,000 in business
darla-210kAND THIS GIRL?

Revenue of $210K

At $400,000 almost to the penny.

$535K in revenue, and more and more fun.
darla-redWhat’s in store for HER?

Here’s the thing. I put myself out there every day in big and small ways. I speak my Truth. I invest. I commit. I grow. I share. I inspire.

And I still look for little tiny reasons to stay cozy.

We all do… and you can still do well. You don’t have to know everything to make it happen. But you do have to know what you believe in, and OWN it to the best of your ability, even within your current zone of awareness. And then say a big fat YES to the opportunities that will take you out of it!

That’s exactly what we’ll be doing next week in Vegas at Align It Live. We’ve still got a few seats left. Let me know you’re coming.

Besides, business as an Aligned Entrepreneur makes you look better! Why not step in?

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