photo_7658_20081010Last night I sat out on my new back deck and had dinner with Monty, my dog. I have been making it a point to empower my team to make more independent decisions without me leading the direction. As a result, I’ve been consistently able to leave the office and take a yoga class, and last night I treated myself to a relaxing dinner of takeout pho – one of my favorite things.   And as I sat there, I made a decision to just be. No checking Facebook. No writing notes about what I might write in this week’s article. Just being. And it was… not… easy.   I know you know what I mean, right? Do you check Facebook on your smartphone at the stoplight? Do you feel the constant weight of email in your inbox? Or do you relate to one of my clients this week who got super focused and inspired in her business, then went into a debilitating state of overwhelm because she wanted to get it all done at once?   For most people in my tribe, when they create overwhelm, or unexpected time sucks, it is nothing more than a habit.   Many entrepreneurs formed this habit long before Facebook was even a thing… they took responsibility for others at a young age, and feel uncomfortable when they are given the time to simply focus on their own desires.   Yet for most of my clients, being present, making time for fun, leaving space to create, and setting clear boundaries is part of being in alignment with their brand. It’s a must in order to really walk their talk and be their best self. To really be a badass business owner, you must break the busy habit!


Using the Power of Yes   One approach to breaking the busy habit is to use the power of yes. It sounds simple, but being clear on your big yes’ really is badass.   As we’ve all heard, work expands to fill the space allotted. If we as entrepreneurs do not create goals and commitments that force us to play a big game and let go of trying to do it all in favor of focusing on that which matters most, we really won’t stand out.   It’s normal and average to fill every minute, to try to prove yourself, and to spread yourself too thin to be all things to all people… the ‘hero.’   In The Science of Getting Rich, Wallace Wattles talks about “the impression of increase.” He says that all people are looking for someone who can help them to increase. If you are a ‘yes man,’ (or woman), you’re not embodying that impression of increase… because even though we may feel like hero in our mind when we try to do it all, staying busy is actually about the most average thing we can do in this culture.


busy-badass-5.4.14Why Be a Badass?   I’m on a badass kick this week. I made two decisions that have been game-changers for me. Each requires me to make decisions faster, own my mission in a bigger way, and make things happen without overthinking them. And when you have a ‘why’ that crosses your path that is so important and inspiring to you that it will no longer let you have everything take longer than it needs to. It will no longer let you waffle. It forces you to follow your intuition and honor your desires… well that just feels badass! And it will have you attract badass clients too.


When the Purpose is Greater than the Fear   Albert Gray studied successful entrepreneurs and sales people, and he found that the successful ones had one thing in common. They had a purpose that was greater than their fear.   I have found that most people in our culture are actually AFRAID to relax, and to make plenty of money and still have free time. And for you to really let go of the busy habit, you need a purpose greater than fear. Your clients don’t need you to be busy. They want you to be a role model, and they want you to be present.   What’s your purpose that is great than your fear? I’d love to hear about it!

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