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In this episode, I had the privilege of connecting with someone who I wholeheartedly endorse as a transformational leader, Helen Macmillan.

Helen’s mission is to equip those individuals who are ready to make a profound SHIFT with the mindset, skill set, and healing, that allows them to powerfully and authentically create success from the inside out, using their deepest truth and wisdom as their guide.

Our minds are beautiful and very interesting things, However, they need they need to be in service to our soul. “

In this episode, we dig into:

  • How to tell if you’re hiding in plain sight
  • “Terror Barriers” and how to recognize if you’re in one
  • Helen’s calling to “let it all go” and how that led to even more profit in her business
  • How critical it is to get support when you’re leading a retreat
  • The “void” and transitional period that happens when you follow your soul
  • What Helen learned about her retreat leading style from Human Design
  • What shifts she had to make when she realized her business was no longer fun
  • Why breakthroughs are equal to the level of commitment

Helen also shares a goosebump-inducing story that reminds us that retreats can happen anytime, anywhere.

Lastly, she explains that simply seeing what’s holding you back can start to invoke change. So she developed a quiz that shows you 8 invisible chains holding you back.

Get access to the quiz by visiting, and find more about Helen on her website at

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