Several years ago I took a training program that was all about being powerful. It was a 3-day class and we were to create our vision for something we really wanted to accomplish. Then we were to work our way backward, creating from the future, and mapping out all of the action steps that needed to happen to achieve the goal.

Intro to plane building

This makes perfect sense to me now, and I often create goals that are completely audacious (by some standards), put them on the calendar, and then play full out to make them happen. I go forward with a deep internal decision having been made that they WILL happen. There is no other option. I make decisions that close the doors to retreat along the way.

I once heard a business coach talk about this concept as “building the plane while flying it.” I get it now. Plane building – it’s a fun adventure.

Lack of belief

When I was first introduced to this idea of creating from the future, let me tell you, it was not a fun adventure. It felt like a ridiculous exercise in futility. I had no actual belief that I could make something happen just because I decided to. And I had no willingness to put a plan in action if I wasn’t absolutely, 100% sure it would be successful! I think you may know what I mean, because many of my clients start out in that place as well.

Embracing plane building

At some point I released (most of) my need to know how everything would go, and became OK with the possibility that I might fail. What a relief! Today I create all kinds of exciting results because I just go for it.

But this article isn’t about me – it’s about you.

No more waiting game

If you are waiting for the circumstances to line up and to “get everything done” before you make decisions, make commitments, or make sales, I have no doubt it is hurting your bottom line.

Let me give you a couple of examples of how playing the waiting game can show up, how it impacts business, and some specific new “build the plane while flying it” approaches to consider.

Waiting Game


What’s really
going on

“Build the plane while flying it.”

Waiting to get your website perfect before you print business cards, or even tell anyone you are in business.You’re busy explaining why you don’t have business cards rather than focusing on discovering if you can help someone.Money scarcity, fear of looking like a flakeFirst, business cards are cheap – print and print again. Second, Looking like a flake is much less painful than never launching at all. Besides, people notice less of your imperfections than you think they do!
Once you get all your steps and forms and worksheets for your program or system completed, then you can sell it.You will never get all your forms done if you’re secretly resisting selling. And it is absolutely no fun to sit around creating forms for people that don’t’ exist!Needing to look perfect. Feeling as if you are not enough unless armed with a big fat workbook. Stall tactic to avoid facing fears.Sell the program first, create it later. You’ll be much more inspired to create the materials you need when an actual person is depending on it!
I want to host a live event but I can’t (sell a ticket, get a sponsor, book the hotel) until I know that it will all work out.People won’t register for your event unless you are clear, confident, and aligned that it is happening. You’ll keep pushing back the date and wondering when people will register.Don’t want to disappoint anyone or look bad in any way. Money fear. Don’t trust self.Make one decision then the next and then the next. ACT AS IF it is all going to exactly as you envision it. If anything goes “wrong,” trust yourself – you’ll handle it when that happens. (You can do an event for 10 people. You can return people’s money. You can transfer their registration to a later event. There are solutions if you stop worrying about looking bad!
I’m not sure what my “niche” is! I can’t (write my website, get a client, etc.) until I know.Your “niche” (I prefer ideal client) can’t reveal itself until you start working with clients to see what you like, what works, what doesn’t. You won’t find it in your office. Almost positive.Don’t want to sound stupid. Want to get it right the first time – afraid of what people will think if you change your mind.Get clients. Pay attention to what they have in common and who you most like to work with. Listen carefully to what they are saying. Use it in your marketing. If you say the “wrong” thing and they don’t choose you – there are more!
I want to book speaking gigs but I have to write my great speech first.You can spend an infinite amount of time on powerpoint slides but not be honed in on a powerful talk.A desire to know exactly what you’re talking about before you reach out. Resisting actually putting yourself out there.BOOK IT, baby!Choose a general title or topic and get yourself scheduled. When you have an actual audience of real people you are writing for (be sure to ask about your audience) the content will flow out of you.

You may have noticed some themes happening here. Fear of how you might look (not together enough, flakey, etc.) and any thoughts of scarcity are running the show.
For today, replace those with a few main thoughts:

  • I get to say how it will go!
  • Life is abundant. There is enough (money clients, time)!
  • Anything worth doing is worth doing badly the first time!
  • There is nothing I can’t handle.
  • There are no mistakes – I can’t screw it up.

Now go make some commitments!

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