The biggest breakthroughs, especially in the realm of a cash injection, rarely come from doing more… they come from letting go. Letting go of old patterns, hesitations, attachments, and dysfunctional needs. Like the need to be right, to keep busy, to stay hidden. You get my drift.

Rather than espouse philosophies, today I’d like to give a few examples of client victories that happened over the last week!

Client A recognized that she had been operating from a commitment to being important and indispensible, enjoying the adrenaline rush that went along with being called in regularly on emergency projects. She was also allowing other people’s emergencies to keep her from pursuing new clients who would NOT require so much effort.

When she realized all it was costing her – being present with her family, working with ideal clients, etc – to stay in this state of emergency, she let it go. She instead chose to be in total gratitude for the work she was doing to bring in new, ideal clients. Instantly her vibration shifted, and when she hung up the phone, a $5000 contract appeared in her inbox!

Client B was highly committed to looking good and having it all together. In particular, he wanted to have some sleek marketing materials to hand to people, because he really had a belief that they would NEED a brochure to hire him. In reality he was feeling like who he was wasn’t enough, and the brochure would somehow make up for it.

When he let go of the need to have something to “show for” his services, and just went out there being himself, and being expectant of new clients, he met two new clients (two more than normal!) in his very next event.

Client C was really concerned about whether she was stacking up to her competition. She felt as if there were so many people who did similar work and that there was no real reason for them to pick her. She was so subconsciously concerned about this that she didn’t really “show up” in a big way when she attended events, etc. She was committed to being just “less than” whoever was around her.

She chose to let go of the belief that she was below her competition. This freed her to have fun and focus on giving her unique gifts, quietly, steadily, and deliberately. And she had her first 5-figure month!

Client D was trying so hard to get her website up and running. She wasn’t taking profitable action in the meantime, and clients weren’t coming to her. She wanted to get the exact right message to represent her, and when she was so attached to doing it “right” she felt like she was moving in circles around her message and it escaped her.

Then she decided to commit to participating in a big event, which required her to have a message. Suddenly she was “called to be” in a bigger way. She stopped worrying about getting the right message for the person sitting next to her at a networking event, and started instead envisioning her on a big stage, and imagining what she would say. Rather than being attached to getting it right, she allowed herself to relax and play. Suddenly her big-vision message appeared out of nowhere. AND, almost immediately afterward she started receiving client referrals.

What belief or commitment do you need to release to manifest your instant results?

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