Ever have one of these days?

You might be Cindy if you tend to have all kinds of stuff “hitting the fan” around you. You’re easily distracted by what others are doing and are afraid to put something out that might not make others happy, so you are holding back your opinion. Cindy, you are brilliant at knowing what people want and giving it to them – a skill developed at an early age. But we’ve got to make some shifts to put this to work for you!

Even if you may feel “evolved” in your thinking, your immediate gut response when something goes wrong is, “that figures,” or “nothing is ever easy.” You can get yourself out of this, but the cost of these reactions is huge – it may set you off track for a whole day. These little energy losses keep you from getting the systems in your business set up, hiring help, or making money. Your clients likely take advantage of your desire to please, and you shy away from “better” clients out of fear you’ll disappoint.

Watch the video and take the free quiz to find out if Cindy is your gal, and if you need to send her on vacation!

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