I have gone into hiding a little bit this week, I am working on a new program which will be launching shortly.  I am having so much fun doing in, and I know it is going to help me to be extremely focused in the way in which I make a difference for people.  I also know it is going to help tons of people to live in their Sweet Spot in life, where they are powerful and let their inner brilliance shine.  They will also have access to coaching in an affordable and structured way, yay!  This is my Sweet Spot.

OK, so that said, I have committed to myself to post a blog at least twice a week.  I have actually had various commitments on this, and at one point you may remember that I was committed to a short post daily.  But the current commitment I have had to myself is to post twice a week.  As I have gone into creation mode on my business, however, this commitment has seemed like less of a priority.  In fact, the creation mode I am in will undoubtedly allow me to post more targeted and powerful blogs specifically about life in the Sweet Spot!  (No more 7-Level Sunday guys… while I LOVE it and would be happy to have a conversation with anyone on any situation from the 7-levels, I am going to focus my posts specifically on helping readers to put their Sweet Spot life into practice.)  I will tell you when I come out of hiding what my new commitment to blogging will be, but for now I’d like to renegotiate.  For the next few weeks, I will blog when I can, with once weekly as a goal.  I can say with confidence that I am committed that this will not become, what my friend Brian Monohan (www.expertintherough.com) calls an “abandoned blog.”  😉

Why am I sharing this?  Because a part of living in your sweet spot is knowing that YOU GET TO SAY what your commitments are, and you can renegotiate them as needed.  There are two caveats I see to this.  One is that your choice to renegotiate does not intentionally hurt anyone, or violate the principle that my coach uses, which is “More life to all and less to none.”  The second is that you keep your integrity, or your True Commitments in check.  For me, my True Commitments are to being authentic in my business, which means I would not create a blog just to say I have one and not use it, and to taking a stand for people being free to be themselves in life.  This is the territory of the Sweet Spot.  If I were to renegotiate my commitments so much that my stand lost power, and people doubted my True Commitment, then I feel I would lose integrity.  My word would lose power.  However, as long as my actions support these broader commitments, and don’t hurt anyone, I say renegotiate away!  It is only fear (what will people think?… what if I don’t get that chance again?… etc.) that would stop us…

What commitment could you renegotiate this week?

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