Nature abhors a vacuum.   Whenever we create space in our life, it gets filled with something very quickly.  Like the clean surface of my desk!  (It rarely stays that way for long.) 

How does knowing this help me live in my sweet spot?

Because if we desire to bring something new into our life – a literal thing or a new way of being – the first step is to create the space for it.

If you want to be able to share your gifts with more people, you could create a post-it note with the number of empty circles on it that correspond to the number of new people you wish to bring in – the empty circles serve as the “space.”  My new mastermind clients that I spoke with on Monday are doing this for their program goals – it will be highly effective.

If you want to bring a new energy, to surround yourself with things that you love (for me, it is more nature) you need to give up the things of a lower energy level.  I have recently given up my house that I used to love being in (I rented it to new tenants) that no longer matches who I am, in favor of a rental surrounded by trees.  I am making space for new possibility in my life that matches my love for my new surroundings.  I am giving up the old way of being of “settling” in favor of a new way of being that includes expecting the best out of life.  I don’t even know fully what that means yet, but I am creating the space for it to show up.

Often it is difficult to give up what we have and know in order to create the space for something new… especially when we don’t know what the new stuff is!  I don’t know where I really want to live.  The only part I did know is I want to be closer to nature and I want to be near a city.  And I knew that where I’ve been was not a match for that, so I left.  I went to a temporary home that is moving toward my dream while I wait for the next step to appear.  I am creating space.

How do you know what will fill the space?

You don’t!  But you get to say what energy you bring to the space, the vacuum.  If you create the space and then go into fear and scarcity, an energetic match for your fear will show up.  You’ll attract evidence that the fear is real and that you should stay small or retreat to old ways.

If you create the space and hold love and passion in your mind and thoughts, an energetic match to that love and passion will fill the space.  In my case I don’t know what it is, but I am holding space for some amazing opportunities for a new location from which I can fulfill my mission on the biggest level that is right for me.  I am holding that intention with love and certainty that it is coming.

What would you like to create space for?  What are you willing to give up (of a lower nature) to invite in the thing you desire (of a higher nature)?  There is no time but now.

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