As I prepare for vacation, I am very excited to be taking a full week off – truly off – with no laptop at hand.

I work with people to discover what they really want their life to look like, and take a stand for having what they want in life.  Similarly, I have created my business from my “sweet spot” – and one thing I have said I would ideally love is to work with clients and teaching programs 3 weeks out of the month, with the fourth week set aside either for vacation, quality time with friends and family, or time to write and create within my business.  I envisioned this plan about a year ago, yet I’ve been working nonstop to get things in order instead!  And yet, I would coach anybody to take a stand for what they really want NOW, not someday.  And so it is with great joy and excitement I tell you that I have done it!  I have scheduled the remainder of my year to give me one appointment-free week per month to immerse myself in other work, or play, that I love!

What would you truly LOVE to have in your life or your business that you are thinking, “someday I’ll make this happen,” yet some day never comes?  What could you actually choose to do NOW even before it seems as if you’re ready or the time is right?  What could you claim for yourself, from a place of trusting that the Universe will provide?  Perhaps you’ll move to a home that better suits you, or hire an assistant or a bookkeeper, or say no to the extra client that puts you over the edge that you’re taking out of fear?  What action can you take, now, toward the future of your dreams?  Please share!  And I’ll see you in 2 weeks. 🙂

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