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I’m so excited to welcome best-selling author, Income + Intimacy Success Mentor Shasta Townsend to this episode!

She helps female entrepreneurs crack the 7-figure ceiling without sacrificing their health, love life and relationships… In essence, a life of true richness.

Shasta has led retreats around the world for the last two-decades including Bali, India, Costa Rica, and Canada. Thanks to her Cree / Metis Indigenous ancestry she holds a unique understanding of the power of place and culture to create an additional level of transformation on retreat.

What I began to see; what I was told by Spirit and literally the people in front of me is that the vision of what I wanted to create, the amount of impact wasn’t on me alone.

In This Episode We Dig Into:

  • What income and intimacy equation actually means
  • How she incorporates being seen, supported, and sensual in each of her retreats
  • The balance between being “professional” yet transparent and vulnerable
  • Determining you messaging and “elevator pitch”
  • Treating difficult students with love
  • What it was like to develop a premium experience in the yoga space

Don’t forget to download Shasta’s 3 Ways to Big Money (Through Better Sex) eBook to get the 3 secrets millionaires and billionaires know about creating great wealth thanks to great intimacy. 

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