Years ago I developed a teaching that has impacted my own life and my clients lives called the Cycle of Proving. This happened right after I had relocated from Cincinnati to Denver, allowing myself to rent a big, beautiful house that felt beyond my budget, just for me! I hired a personal assistant (in addition to my team members) and a housekeeper, and was looking for a place to kennel my dog, Monty, when I traveled and I was having trouble.

I had to ‘rescue’ him from a day at a place that was just not up to my standards for my dog, and I found myself crying in my car in their parking lot.

Even though my life was suddenly moving in the right direction, I was in total pain. My emotional response seemed irrational for the situation and I began to get curious as to why.

I discovered I was simply in a Cycle of Proving. A series of clients that same week were too. And this teaching was born.

A cycle of proving is a predictable occurrence that happens every time we move past an upper limit toward a vision we’ve never achieved before. There is a specific way in which our old agreements that no longer serve us show themselves.

(Mine in this scenario was all about proving my mom wrong about me.  More on that story in our upcoming virtual mini retreat TRANSFORM OUT LOUD).

I’ve been observing a lot of cycles of proving coming up in my client base lately so I thought you may be experiencing it too, so I recorded a quick video training for you. I’ve been recording videos in our new office video corner this week, so I popped in made this for you. (No make-up, work out clothes and all! Eek!)

This could be the best 15 minutes you’ve spent all year – grab a pen and paper. 

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