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Hi there, Welcome. This is Darla LeDoux with Aligned Entrepreneurs. Welcome to the first of many Weekly “Alignment Asks.” This is a place where you can get your questions answered by me personally. Whatever comes up for you as it relates to your business and being in alignment. And I call it the “Alignment Asks” because sometimes asking is the most powerful thing we can do. Versus trying to do it all on our own and figure things out ourselves. I know because I’ve been there and I have done that. And I am really committed but this is a safe and open space for you to get your questions answered so you can make more money just being you. So our very first alignment ask is, first of all low-tech I am here in my office and I am recording on my laptop so have the light set up and everything. But you will see that we will evolve over time as we get more things set up.

And we will start taking questions in different ways. So my first request is that if you have a question for me go submit it under the comments section on my blog. Post your question there and we will use it. You can also post it to my Facebook, Aligned Entrepreneurs, and we will get your questions answered here.

So with that our very first question comes from Linda. And the first question is, “How do you know if or when you have enough content to start working with clients?”   

First of all I love this question because I recently taught this in a speech that I gave around content. And how I am a big fan of looking at concept over content. In other words people are not necessarily hiring you for your content. They are hiring you for your energy, for your knowledge and experience. They are hiring you because you have chosen to create a container for them. For whatever you do whether it’s weight loss, whether it is business consulting or coaching. Whatever it is that is what they’re hiring you for. They are not hiring you for your content. Although they may want some content.

So to answer the question, you definitely have enough content already. What you really need to do is to discern, what is your genius. What is it you are so naturally good at that you could do it all day long? Because that’s the thing that you can charge the most for. And often we need help outside of ourselves to get clear about that.

And the second is what your mission is. What is it that really matters to you? Where are you taking people? And what do you stand for, for them, that they can always count on you for? Because if you are clear about that with those two things People will hire you. And you can develop more content as you go.

I suggest taking an hour max to think about your ideal client and to map out what do they need first? What do they need second? What do they need third? What do they need fourth to get to that destination that I want to take them to? And that’s all you really need guys. You don’t need to have weeks and weeks, and months and months, and years and years, worth of content. You just need that clarity around where you are taking them. And then you need to honor that you are really good at this thing or you would not have been called to do it.

That’s my response Linda, I hope that’s helpful. Join in the conversation guys, below this post. What’s been your experience? In other words what do you think? Do you need more content or less in order to be effective really serving your audience? In my experience, less has definitely been more. But I would love to know your thoughts. This is Darla LeDoux with Aligned Entrepreneurs and I will see you next week.

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